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Are you new to the world of event planning and management? Or do you just need a refresher? Don't fear; we've created an overview of all the terms you need to know. Clue up on the events industry jargon right here.




























An informal gathering, where people meet to have drinks after the day's work.


Added features that provide comfort or convenience to your attendees during an event or at a hotel.


Augmented reality.

Augmented Reality In Events


A person or group of people who attend an event.


A large room usually located in a public building such as a theatre, used for public gatherings and events.

AV equipment

Audiovisual equipment. Usually refers to videobeams, projectors, screens and sound system.


A Bed and Breakfast establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast.

Blank canvas venue

A venue that has no decoration or outstanding features, so is completely flexible for an event planner. It can be decorated and transformed in whatever way they choose.

Blank Canva Venue

Boardroom capacity

The number of people a venue can fit when the room is arranged with a long table in the centre and all the chairs are set around the table.

Boardroom Svg


A session designed to solve a specific problem typically achieved using a mixture of collective and creative techniques.

Breakout rooms

Adjacent spaces in a venue where small groups meet during an event to carry out a related activity.

Cabaret capacity

The amount of people that a venue can fit when the seating is arranged around small tables, but with one end open so as to face a centre stage.


The maximum amount of people that a space can hold.

Chevron capacity

The amount of people that a venue can fit when the seating is arranged in semicircles looking towards the stage. Each row is longer than the one in front.

Classroom capacity

The number of people that a venue can fit when the tables and chairs are aligned in consecutive straight rows facing forward.

Classroom Svg


A hospitality assistant in charge of coordinating reservations, travel plans, and transportation. They can also recommend restaurants, hotels and tourism.


A formal meeting that takes place over the course of several days and brings together people with a shared interest to discuss a certain topic.

Theatre Svg
Theatre Svg

Conference pack

A complete kit of materials related to the conference given to the attendees. It usually contains a programme, an abstract, a name tag, a map of the venue and a map of the city. It can also contain pen and paper, a list of participants, some city guides and a souvenir.

Corkage fee

A fee some venues or restaurants charge when you consume beverages that were not purchased directly from the venue.


Where multiple groups and people such as freelancers and different companies share an office space. 


A person sent to an event in representation of their group or company.

Dining capacity

The number of people a venue can fit when the seats are arranged around big round tables for dining.



The process of transporting good over short distances.

Dry hire

Hiring an empty venue with no included add-ons. The venue is not responsible for any of the event planning such as decoration, catering, security, etc. You must hire these extra separately and coordinate yourself.

Eco-Friendly event

An event that promotes and practices the importance of reducing carbon emissions.

Event budget

A projection of the expected revenue and expenses of an event.

Event Coordinator

Someone tasked with organising corporate events with responsibilities including budgeting, booking locations, sourcing sponsors, organising catering and more. 

Event Promotion

A concentrated effort to advertise your event to your target audience, with the ultimate aim of increasing attendance.

Event sponsorship

A group or company that offers event funding in exchange for brand exposure to attendees.

Fixed seating

These are chairs that cannot be folded or stacked and are fixed to the floor in rows facing the front.

Floor plan

Refers to a scale drawing that shows the rooms, features and spaces from a bird's-eye view. This enables you to visualise how people can interact within a venue.

floor plan of an apartment


The adoption of game design elements and principles in corporate events to create a more immersive and engaging experience for guests.

Goodie bag

A bag filled with fee promotional items featuring branding from the event organisers or sponsors. Sometimes referred to as a swag bag. 


A person (often well-known) who is invited to take part or contribute in an event.


A competitive event which can take the form of a marathon or sprint. It involves computer programmers, software engineers and related professionals/students collaborating and/or competing on software projects.


A large public room for meetings, concerts or other events.

Herringbone seating

A seating arrangement where the tables and chairs are aligned in consecutive straight rows, slightly angled inwards.

Hollow square seating

A seating arrangement where the tables and chairs are aligned into 4 straight lines that connect creating a big square.

Hotel loyalty program

A reward for guests who spend money outside the daily rate of a hotel – on the mini bar for example. This spending is converted into points that can be used to save money on later stays. 

Hybrid event

An event that includes both live and virtual attendees by integrating the two groups into one single event.

Ice breakers

Creative games and questions that facilitate organic conversation, team bonding, creativity and releases tension in corporate events.

Immersive dining experience

A meal within an immersive environment achieved through techniques such as projections, animations, costumes, dancing, singing, acting, storytelling, narrative action, set designs, and more.


A commercial document that itemizes and records a transaction between a buyer and a seller, and specifies an amount and method of payment.


A speech or presentation that tells attendees about the central theme(s) of the event.


A live transmission of audio and/or video of an event over the internet.

MICE industry

Abbreviation of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions.

Open bar

A bar serving drinks freely to the guests. The cost of the drinks is covered by the host or by the cost of admission.

Own your chair

Keeping your same assigned chair during an event for all activities.

Product launch

An event celebrating a product that is being newly released onto the market.

Pop up dining

A temporary restaurant offering casual or seated dining in private residences, outdoor spaces, or commercial venues.


Refers to each customer or attendee that must be accomodated, entertained, fed or otherwise taken into account when making plans for an event.


An estimated price of a job or a service.


A formal social occasion held to celebrate a particular event.

Retractable seating

Also known as telescopic seating. It helps maximise floors space by allowing you to fold away the bottom part of the chairs when not in use. These are usually set in bleacher-style rows facing the front.

Retractable seating


A collaborative exchange of information on a specific shared area of interest.

Standing capacity

The number of people that a venue can fit when it is set up without seating.

Standing Listing V

Target Audience

A group of people identified as being the most likely attendees of your events.

Team building

An activity designed to enhance team solidarity and social relations through collaborative tasks or games.

T-shaped seating

Refers to the arrangement of tables and chairs in the shape of the letter "T", with one row of tables intersecting the other and all the chairs facing inwards.

Theatre capacity

The number of people a venue can fit when the seating is arranged with the seats aligned in straight rows facing forward.

U-shape capacity

The number of people that a venue can fit when the tables and chairs are arranged facing inwards with an open end configuration.

U Shape Svg

Unconference / unmeeting

An informal affair that emphasises the spontaneous exchange of information and ideas, as opposed to the structured format of a conference.

V-shaped seating arrangement

Refers to the arrangement of chairs and/or tables in the shape of the letter V, with the open end facing the stage and the audience facing inwards.


Value Added Tax.


A person or company who offer a product or service that you require for your event.


The physical space where an event takes place.

Virtual event

An event with no live element and only online participants.

virtual meeting


Virtual Reality.

virtual reality

Wet hire

Hiring a venue with all the details included. You don’t need to plan or hire out any additional aspects of the event because the wet hire contract includes it all.

A gathering of people to discuss a specific subject or carry out activities focused on that subject.

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