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Company culture that inspires our employees to work better

International team

We pride ourselves with a team of people from around the world, providing loads of opportunities to learn from different cultures and backgrounds.

Young and wild

If it's not yet clear, we're a team of outcasts and misfits with a track record of exceeding the impossible over and over again. And we like to celebrate our wins (wildly).

Perfect place to grow

As we grow, you'll grow with us. The flat company structure gives you direct access to all the other departments and management.

Dog friendly

We love dogs so if you have a happy camper at home, bring your little amigo and we promise a good time with the rest of the gang.

Observe, learn, create

We are constantly challenging the status quo, so you will have lots of possibilities to observe, learn and re-invent whatever nut we are trying to crack.

Professional Development

We encourage you to attend professional events to stay on top of the latest tech. Annually we also go to Web Summit with the whole team - always a winner.


We’re terrified of becoming “normal” and hope you are too!
Not sure if you’re the right fit?


Traditions are to be kept in place - especially the fun ones.

International Lunch

We have an international lunch twice a week (Italian Wednesdays and Thai FriYays). We're always open to new things so let us know if you have a delicious idea!


We celebrate your big day (you can’t escape!) with all the glitz and glamour. We have a proven track record of giving the most epic bday gifts and are yet to be beaten.

Team Buildings

We host the most notorious and legendary parties in the city. Packed with fun, music and dancing, they're epic (but not for the faint hearted - you've been warned).

We like to party

Just in case it wasn't clear.


Sleek meeting space with glass roof


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