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Our story

Co-founders Michael and Dietrich met more than 12 years ago whilst working as students for an events company (from exclusive private events to major festivals). After university, Dietrich pursued a career in finance and Michael in engineering. During their corporate jobs, both experienced a slow death by spending too many dragging hours in horrifically dull and lifeless corporate meeting spaces (dying of boredom is scientifically proven to be possible, by the way). 

Enough was enough. Deciding life was too short, they traded in corporate life and lifeless meeting spaces for a freelance/nomadic lifestyle and a ground floor coworking space. Whilst on the road, those experiences led them to develop Spacehuntr, an online platform to book and manage the most unique meeting and event spaces that stimulate innovation and creativity.

A little history

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The (dream) team

A team of international outcasts that love rainbows and is anything but dull. Simply put, just 100% amazing!

Dietrich Moens

CEO & Co-Founder
Coffee connoisseur

Michaël Luckx

CTO & Co-Founder
Tech-savvy disco dancer

Heleen Arits

Business Developer Creative whizz kid

Henri Moncheur

Sales Director
Croque monsieur genius

Yisel del Cerro

Digital Content Officer
Our resident dj

Ilaria Auditore

Sales Manager
Professional pizza critic

Francesca Pinder

Sales Manager
Stores emergency tea bags

Paz Márquez

Digital Content Officer Craft beer lover

Yordi Smit

Sales Manager
Fought a lion (for real)

Catalina Reaño

Creative Content Manager Serial chocolate lover

Marta De Vescovi

Creative Campaign Manager
Rides unicorns

Hey - we’re hiring!

Open positions

Freelance Global Creative Copywriter

Do you consider yourself an expert in the Corporate Events Industry?

Creative Content Creator and Copywriter

Creative time bomb (tick, tock, tick…)

Social Media and SEO Intern

I’m an open book (check my Insta!)

PR and Communication Manager Intern

Modern x Visual x Shakesphere

Global Event Superhero

You get stuff done (for real)

Global Sales Superhero

For Winners Only!


And let's see what you got!