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Devon Ferreira
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"If you have an amazing venue, you’re 90% of the way to an amazing event - thanks to Spacehuntr, we always knock it out of the park!"
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Emily Weguelin
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"I worked with the team to plan an event from London and had the most incredible service and experience. A highly professional and organised team, who were always one step ahead…"​
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Mahmoud Al Marei
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"Very impressed with the service! After landing on their site I was able to get direct chat support, a couple hours later they found me the perfect venue with amazing catering for a very good price." ​​

A Guide to Workshops in Paris

Without a doubt, Paris is always a pleasure. Workshops are pretty fantastic too. So to that end, we’ve put together this guide to workshop events in Paris. We hope it’s of use to you, and if you have any other questions, just ask one of our experts to help you out.   

The Best Areas in Paris for Workshops

  • 11th Arrondissement – The 11th is a mix-bag of treats. It’s uber-cool and young, while at the same time refined and historical. Whether you’re looking for a party or culture, there’s something for everyone. You’ll find a real diversity in workshop rooms style here, from the old and rustic to the refined contemporary.
  • Île Saint-Louis – Île Saint-Louis is a natural island – one of only two – that sits in the middle of the Seine. It’s full of lush trees and vintage Parisian apartment buildings. Workshops here are cosmopolitan dreams for teams that enjoy classy affairs.
  • Belleville –  Belleville is a unique neighbourhood featuring an atmospheric Chinese quarter, contemporary art galleries, and lots of outdoor markets, bars and restaurants. Workshop venues here are edgy and suited to creative sessions. 

What Kind of Workshops Can I Host in Paris?

The great thing about workshops is, you can host one on any possible skill or activity conceivable. And when it comes to Paris, any workshop you can think of is possible. 

For example, check out our guide to hackathon venues in Paris. The business and coding world is becoming obsessed with hackathons now. And for good reason, they’re exciting, and coding is a fantastic skill to cultivate in your team. 

For other essential skill-building activities you should check out the General Assembly to arrange workshops for things like SEO, marketing, content creation, and more. Perhaps photography is more your thing? Do your team need new portraits? Learn to shoot like a pro with Valerie Jardin

If you want to cultivate team bonding through shared physical pain, Paris has a whole load of fitness-related workshops. Perhaps you would like to take part in some spin classes with Dynamo or Kiwill. Alternatively, you can change pace entirely and get some premium yoga experiences in the diary with Ashtanga or Rasa Yoga

And not that we condone slacking off or drinking on company time, but when in Paris, it would be rude not to sample some wine. We’ve even made it easy for you by researching The Best Wine Tasting Workshops in Paris. You deserve it, don’t worry. 


Paris is a big city, but don’t be daunted. Getting around is quite easy thanks to its superb public transport system. Two key facts you ought to know is that it has the 2nd biggest metro system in Europe, and while in the city, you’re never more than 500m from a station. 

Tickets cost €1.90 for a single ride or €14.99 for a 10. However, if you spend a bit more on a  Visite Travel Pass (€12 to €65.80), you can get unlimited travel on all forms of public transport. 

11th Arrondissement

Public Transport

      • Buses: 46, 56, 69. 
      • Metro: 9.  
      • Train: H.

Secure Parking Garages in 11th Arrondissement 

      • Parking Trois Bornes – 11-13 Rue des Trois Bornes. 
      • Yes park – 6 Rue du Commandant Lamy.

Île Saint-Louis

Public Transport

      • Buses: 63, 67, 72, 86, 87. 
      • Metro: 1, 7. 
      • Train: J, L, NOT. 
      • RER: B.

Secure Parking Garages in Île Saint-Louis

      • Parking Indigo Pont-Marie – 48 Rue de l’Hôtel de ville. 
      • OnePark Sully-Morland – 5 Rue Agrippa d’Aubigné. 


Public Transport

      • Buses: 20, 26, 71, 96. 
      • Metro: 11, 2. 
      • Train: H. 

Secure Parking Garages in Belleville

      • Parking Belleville – 30 Boulevard de Belleville.
      • Parking Oliver Metra – 35-49 Rue Olivier Métra. 


The Hood: The Hood specialises in South East Asian cuisine. The food is exciting, colourful, and especially good for workshops because it’s no-nonsense and easy to eat. We recommend their Bamh Hi, convenient and delicious. 

Nomad: Nomad is a great cater because they do great finger grazing food such as their range of mini pizzas. Alternatively, they do uniquely designed waffles and healthy desserts. Great for laying out on a table and letting your team pick at them through the day. 

Sara Lima: Sara Lima will bring your team an authentic taste of Brazil right in the heart of Paris. As well as traditional Brazilian cuisine, they also offer a unique Brazilian cocktail menu and superb desserts. This exciting alternative will be sure to energise your team through long sessions. 


Hotels in 11th Arrondissement 

Whimsical Parisian Hotel with Amazing Location

    • Prices start from €146
    • Star Rating: 4.4
    • Highlights: Unconventional literary-themed design, bar, WiFi, luxury facilities. 

Hotels in Île Saint-Louis

Majestic Historic Hotel with a Rustic Look  

    • Prices start from €146
    • Star Rating: 4.2
    • Highlights: Vintage design, 300-year old building, beautiful en-suites, TV, WiFi, mini-fridge, safe. 

Hotels in Belleville

 Hip and Urban Hotel with Awesome Rooftop 

    • Prices start from €109
    • Star Rating: 4.1
    • Highlights: Philippe Starck design, awesome rooftop, WiFi, iMac computers, amusement area. 

FAQ for workshop Rooms in Paris

A workshop venue in Paris can cost between €70 - €99. This price can vary depending on the size of the space, technical equipment, staff and catering. Our City Experts can give you a rough quote based on your event requirements.

The best areas in Paris for a workshop are Le Marais, The Latin Quarter, and various Arrondissements. Discover what makes each area unique in our guide, and choose one that best suits the requirements of your workshop.

Each workshop space has different cancellation policies. Generally, the earlier you cancel, the more money you can expect to get back. However, it's quite common that last-minute bookings (less than 48 hours before the workshop) are non-refundable.

There are several things to consider when booking a workshop space. Does your workshop include physical activities? If so, we suggest looking for a larger venue to accommodate them comfortably. What kind of furniture and equipment do you need? Is it important that you can move the furniture around during the workshop? If there will be a lot of noise, double-check that the venue is ok with that in advance. Our City Experts can suggest suitable venues based on your requirements.