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Emily Weguelin
Emily Weguelin
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"I worked with the team to plan an event from London and had the most incredible service and experience. A highly professional and organised team, who were always one step ahead…"​
Ngoc Bui
Ngoc Bui
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"The service was excellent, friendly and efficient! Spacehuntr managed to find us the perfect venue within a very short time and I love how they really listen to meet every customer's need." ​​
Mahmoud Al Marei
Mahmoud Al Marei
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"Very impressed with the service! After landing on their site I was able to get direct chat support, a couple hours later they found me the perfect venue with amazing catering for a very good price." ​​

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Events Guide Paris

You’ve been sold Paris as a tourist attraction, and you will be again. But how about Paris for your next corporate event? What could be better to top and tail your corporate event than pastry for breakfast and wine with supper? Famous for food, architecture,art exhibitions, and of course, love. A city both ancient and new, recreating itself, leading the world in culture and business for centuries. Paris isn't all culture though. It's an economic powerhouse and ideal for corporate tourism and events. In simpler terms, it's perfect for Work, Play & Stay. And what a great thing to be able to tell colleagues ... "it's in Paris".

Different venue types in Paris

There are venues for almost every conceivable corporate event in Paris. We have venues for meetings, conferences, brainstorming, photoshoots, workshops, private dining, afterwork, and hotels. All curated to our principle that corporate events should aim for something better. Because sometimes, meetings can be dull. Sometimes, it’s just unavoidable. But what is avoidable is bland corporate event spaces. Paris is home to an abundance of fully functional meeting rooms that provide a stunning environment for you and your team. Whatever you want, from classy to elegant. Or maybe spacious and playful? There’s something in Paris for you. See 10 of our favourite meeting rooms here to see what we’re talking about All our conference spaces come with AV equipment and WiFi as standard. From there however, they are all incredibly unique. For intimate conferences of 50 to major events of 5,000, there’s a corporate event venue in Paris for you! You call the shots, from rustic and green to pristine and minimalist. Here’s a sample of 10 of our conference venues to show you just how mesmerising these spaces can be. Perhaps you’ve been inspired by the stunning city that is Paris. You could have your event, staff, or your product showcased in these brilliant photoshoot locations Paris is abundant with incredible photoshoot locations. Whether you’re shooting a hackathon at a royal mansion – or precious jewellery in a rugged industrial factory. For showcasing an entire fashion collection or capturing top notch Instagram photos, there is no better backdrop than Paris. If you’ve got an unusual concept you’re ready to show the world, you’ll probably need an unusual venue to match. Check this selection of unusual venues in Paris and be inspired! We’re confident there’s a space that will capture the imagination. We know you want to produce an exceptional event. Finding the right conference venue to hire can be a nightmare. Our listings will meet your needs or give you a better idea of what you want. If you allow us to tailor your event, which is what we do best, it relieves you of the stress of planning, and allows you to focus on bigger issues. You might be thinking that the pandemic has effectively put a halt to traditional corporate events. However, hybrid events have the power to breathe life into the old model. Make sure to stay ahead by adopting these trends! All of our venues are optimized to incorporate these changes. Even now, there are exciting events ahead for all of us!

Average costs for different event types

Prices for meeting and workshop venues start at only €50 an hour, with conference venues starting at €110 per hour! It’s your event, so it’s always about how much you would like to spend. Ultimately however, Paris is a premium and luxurious event venue and this is reflected in the cost. Most venues in Paris are in the middle to upper budget range. If you are going to go for a more affordable venue, you could look to other European cities such as Lisbon or Prague perhaps? You could make further savings by opting for a dry hire event, being around 30% cheaper than a wet hire. That being said, be careful! External providers are no guarantee of saving money. It’s common for them to result in a total budget that’s 15-20% higher than a wet hire venue. In the most extreme case, we’ve seen a +50% premium for the same services!

Areas of the city to host an event

Which area is best for your corporate event in Paris? The city is made up of 20 numbered zones, or as they’re known locally, arrondissements If you like trendy locations full of energy in the night, and great shopping during the day, maybe you’d like Le Marais. If you’re looking for an elusive sense of peace while being bang in the centre of everything, then perhaps the little island in the middle of the Seine river – Ile Saint-Louis – could be perfect for you. If you want quintessential Paris, it must be The Latin Quarter. It’s an area popular with tourists and students, and for good reason! Maybe cool cafes, literary history and cocktail bars are your thing. That would be Saint-Germain-Des-Prés. If you’re a cultured soul with a taste for opera and outdoor markets, then you have the Bastille to live like the Parisians do. There’s the legendary hill, stunning views and the village feel within the city that is Montmartre. Alternatively, you could be searching for a cosmopolitan vibe with flavours from Brazil, Rwanda, and Sicily. An independent art scene and exciting nightlife. Belleville is Paris’ urban option. It’s a big city, so it could be hard work finding the right place for you. This article highlights five of the best boutique hotels that Paris has to offer. Our selection has something for everyone. From the eccentric, to the homely and cosy. Whether you’re traveling for work, for escape, romance, or the thrill of adventure, you’re covered.

Public transport options

If you’re a romantic, we already know you’d prefer to walk through the streets of Paris. But, just say you’re in a hurry… the public transport options in Paris are highly thought of. Besides, there’s romance in public transport too! Just think of the beautiful Art Nouveau entrances to Paris’ Metro stations. The Metro system is the 2nd biggest in Europe known for its efficiency. You are never more than 500m from a metro station, and tickets cost €1.90 for a single ride, or €14.99 for a cachet (10 rides). Buy them at stations or kiosks. Other public transport options are train, tram, bus, or night bus. Trains are largely for the suburbs. Trams serve the perimeter of the city. As you can imagine, the buses go everywhere. And of course, the night buses serve those who have a taste for authentic Parisian nightlife! Individual tickets are not transferable to different forms of public transport, however. But there is a way to get total peace of mind. You might like to make your time in Paris easier by buying a Visite Travel Pass. It’s one ticket and works on metro, train, tram, bus or night bus. It’s valid for five days, just flash your card, and you’re on board. No fuss. Tickets vary in price from €12-65.80, and cover areas outside Paris as far afield as the airports and Disneyland!

FAQ for event venues in Paris

The possibilities are endless. But basically; “whatever you want, as long as you respect the rules” (safety standards, noise pollution, social distancing, etc.). If you’re not sure, it’s best to align with your location expert. They can provide you with the answers and solutions when hunting for the right location, e.g. permits, licenses, etc.

Usually, yes. Most venues (especially the larger ones) tend to have standard AV equipment available. It can come at an extra cost, but this may also be cheaper than using a third-party service provider. 

For catering, it’s common to source an external provider. However, the venue will likely have a list of preferred vendors. We recommend choosing a caterer from this list to avoid corkage fees or unpleasant surprises on the day. 

The cost depends on the selected venue and market conditions. In general, dry hire can be around 30% cheaper than wet hire (incl. catering). However, booking a dry hire venue and then sourcing external service providers (for extras such as AV installation, catering, etc.) can result in a total budget that's 15-20% higher than a wet hire venue. We've seen a +50% premium for the same services!
Paris has nearly every type of venue available for different events. Be wary that most venues are in the middle to upper budget range segment, though.

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