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Oslo City Guide

Welcome to the beautiful cosmopolitan city of Norway. It’s bursting with greenery, cool museums, amazing seafood, lots of art, and exciting outdoor activities.

This Oslo city guide will drop all the key information you need to host a perfect event.

From rugged dock areas reinvented as entertainment hubs to fashionable cafes and restaurants amidst centuries of history, Oslo offers you more than creative ideas to host your next event. So get planning!

If you still find yourself asking questions, fear not. You can reach out to our Local Experts at any time for more details.

Hosting Events in Oslo

Oslo is, and always will be, Norway’s most ethnically diverse city. So, you are definitely going to find a good ratio of people with different perspectives. Oslo city is also known for giving you value for money. The rates at hand are much friendlier to the euro and the dollar.

If you’re worried about travel, we’d say don’t be, because this city is easy to reach and navigate. With about 200 international flights coming in daily, and with its high-speed inter-city train, Flytoget, you’ll reach the heart of the city in 19 minutes. From there on, the city has convenient public transportation and friendly walkways.

Now, if you’re the “go green” type, you’re in the right place because Olso is known to be a sustainable destination. The city has won several awards for its eco-friendly initiatives, like “European Green Capital” in 2019.

Known as a leading hub for science and innovation and home to many leading scientific communities, it makes the perfect destination for scientific meetings and research seminars. This is where they dish out the Nobel Prizes, after all!

Booking an Event Venue in Oslo

VENUE= Vibe+ Energy+ New+ Unique+ Experience. These are the perfect ingredients to find your perfect venue in Oslo. So, how about hosting your next meeting on the deck of an old polar ship? Or, your next exhibition at an opera house? Or, for that matter, hosting a hybrid event in an art museum? Intriguing, right?

Apart from the traditional conference centres, Oslo has so many hidden gems as venues. You will find state-of-the-art venues for events such as product launches, corporate events, team-building activities, kick-offs, opening ceremonies, hybrid events, trade fairs, cultural/sports events, congresses, or even incentive programs.

These conference facilities come with marvellous additions, like restaurants with adjoining theatres or perhaps neo-romantic architecture, historic vibes, and more. If that isn’t enough, try a venue with quayside chic. In short, Oslo offers elegant venues that provide an optimistic and vibrant atmosphere for any type of event.

The Best Areas in Oslo

This part of our Oslo city guide concerns finding the perfect neighbourhood for hosting your next event. Here are just a handful of our favourites:

The first area in Oslo to consider has to be the City Centre. It is super compact and easily accessible even on foot. It’s known to be a tourist spot with its many bars and restaurants to cover you. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a casual setting for your event, or just to grab a drink after a successful day.

The next area in Olso you need to check out is Western Inner. This is a considerably quieter area which is residential with parks and great views that are hugely popular with ex-pats. A calm atmosphere for a more sophisticated event in Olso.

Then you have the Eastern Inner Oslo area. This area is more popular amongst young professionals, students, and hipsters. If you’re looking for an event venue in Olso that’s got hipster credibility, this is the place.

And finally, if you’re looking for picturesque surroundings, the perfect area in Oslo is the Suburbs. They have great local transportation, amazing venues, restaurants, and fun activities for you to try. The suburbs are a scenic route to take for your next outdoor event.

Getting around Oslo

Oslo has excellent public transportation, so you won’t have any difficulting getting around Olso. There are buses, trams, and a metro known as the T-Bane It’s efficient, reliable, and clean. Tickets are priced per zone and start from 39 NOK.

Taxis are available, but a word of caution, they can be expensive. You also have ridesharing apps like Uber or other car rental services where you can rent a car starting at around 360 NOK per day.

Cycling is a great way of getting around Olso too, at 69 NOK per day. There are apps you can download, sign up for, pay for, and get a bike at designated stations.

Food in Oslo

So, now it’s time for that part of our Oslo city guide that the foodies have been waiting for. Yes, it’s time to talk about the food in Oslo. From meat to fish, here are our favourite yummy things the city has to offer. Because there’s more to food in Oslo than cured meat and potatoes!

#1. When it comes to seafood, the Smoked salmon is leagues above anything you’ve tried elsewhere. The fish is matured to perfection and has a deep flavour. It goes best with brown bread and lots of butter.

#2. Kjøttkaker, or as we know it, Meatballs, comes in a lovely brown gravy accompanied by potatoes and cabbage. If you’re looking for a traditional Norwegian meal, then this has to be on your list.

#3. Everybody enjoys some good Waffles. These thin waffles resemble the shape of five conjoined golden hearts. Served with whipped cream and summer berries, you can eat them till your heart’s content.

#4. And remember, it’s not all about food in Oslo. So, who wants a cocktail? Distilled from grain or potato, the Aquavit is similar to vodka but with a hint of caraway flavour. So pick up your glass, shout “Skaal”(cheers) and take a shot as you look at all the other exciting dishes on the menu.

Weather in Oslo

Oslo is known for its continental climate with sufficient precipitation for lush green surroundings. Summers are comfortable, and winters are mystical. If you ask us, the best time to visit would be from June to August, when the weather is pleasant and the days are long. You’ll find Oslo at its liveliest during this time. So, this is the time you plan your next event in Oslo.

Winter(December- February)

  • Average High: 1 °C
  • Average Low: -7 °C

Spring (March-May)

  • Average High: 12 °C
  • Average Low:  2 °C

Summer (June-August)

  • Average High: 22°C
  • Average Low: 13°C

Autumn (September-November)

  • Average High: 16 °C
  • Average Low: -1 °C

Wrapping Up

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Oslo city guide. It’s a hidden gem for event planning, so get here while the action is hot. And if you need any more help, our Local Experts are always happy to help.

FAQ for Event Venues in Oslo

In Oslo, you get value for money. That goes without saying even when it comes to event venues in Oslo. Depending on your preferences like location, size, time and services required, prices vary between NKR 3,300 to NKR 150,000 per day. You can also get event venues on an hourly basis.
With Oslo expanding in the field of events, you have endless possibilities. Talk about hosting large congresses or fun launches, all you gotta do is say the word. Our local experts will help you hunt for the right location, and structure and organise your event. Just make sure to abide by the local rules and standards.

The nightlife in Oslo is incredibly lively. And that’s how you’d be after some fiery local tipple, akevitt (spirit flavoured with herbs). But if that’s not your vibe, try something a little sober like a private dining event. Then again, if you’re looking to explore the city’s culture and have some adventure try some of the city’s favourites:

  • Visit the Fram Museum or the Viking Ship Museum
  • Enjoy the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet theater
  • Try out the Escape Games
  • Go Ice skating on a frozen fountain at Skippersupa Ice-Skating Rink

We’re the real deal! Hence, we consider everything. We’ve got an array of services to provide. When it comes to event production, we can help you get the ball rolling. From choosing the right catering agency, stage designs, or even marketing your event, let us light your way to a successful event.

Even though Norwegian and Sami are the official languages here, 100% of the people speak English as well. Rest assured that language is not going to be a problem at your event in Oslo. Our team at Spacehuntr is diverse, we speak all languages. So, even if you do get stuck with the lingo, our local experts are here to the rescue.

As an event organiser, you have the liberty to cancel a booking up to 90 days before your event in Oslo. However, some standard cancellation policies need to be kept in mind. These policies safeguard all parties involved in event organisation.

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