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Events Guide Medellín

Hello friends, and welcome to our Medellín city guide. Today you’ll discover loads of cool stuff about a very cool city.

What started as a village in 1616 is now a booming city of 2016, known for its industrial dynamism and urban and sustainable innovation.

And today, we’ll be showing you how to make the most of it. From the weather in Medellín, to how to get around, where to stay, where to host your events, and what you should eat. In short, we’ve got your trip covered.

So get reading, and enjoy. For anything else, you can ask one of our local experts!

What Kind of Events in Medellín Can I Host?

So what kind of events can you host in Medellín? Well, in short, anything you want! It’s very popular with the MICE industry, especially in the construction and academic industries.

As for cultural events in Medellín, you might be surprised to know it’s very famous for its flower festivals. It’s also a major music hub for Latin America.

And more recently, the rising star of the events scene in Medellín is the blockchain and crypto-related events. So get in involved, people!

Event Venues in Medellín

But what are the event venues in Medellín like, we hear you ask? Well, to cut to the chase, they’re brilliant.

Yes, there are loads of impressive venues in Medellín for formal business events. However, there are also a lot of cool event venues in Medellín that will surprise you.

One of our favourite genres is the many plus rooftop spaces you’ll find here, perfect for after-work events in Medellín. Moreover, you’ll also find that many of our meeting spaces here have adjoining outdoor spaces. Ideal for breakout sessions, right?

Another thing we love about the venues in Medellín is the historical locations, ranging from colonial villas to neo-classical palaces.

Then of course, for all you start-ups out there, we have a splendid selection of edgy event venus in Medellín, from warehouses to post-industrial glamorous spots. You’ll love them!

The Best Areas in Medellín

This is the part of our Medellín city guide where we explore some of our favourite areas for hosting an event. Whether it’s partying, boardroom meetings, or after-work events, there’s a neighbourhood to suit your agenda!

The first area you need to check out is La Candelaria. Or more commonly referred to by the locals as El Centro. It’s a bustling neighbourhood. This is the best area in Medellín for seeing iconic locations – we particularly love the town hall, Antioquia Museum, and Plaza Cisneros. It’s also great for exploring street markets during your downtime.

If you’re looking for an area in Medellín to host a party, you’ll want to head to Ciudad del Río. Here you’ll see the hippest event venues in Medellín, like warehouses covered in graffiti next to art museums and food halls. It’s where the locals go to hang out, and your guests will love it!

And finally, if you’re looking for an area in Medellín to host an event with a luxury flavour, then it has to be El Poblado. From the hotels to the restaurants and the shopping malls, everything here is extravagant. This is where you’ll find the most extravagant venus in Medellín, so treat yourself and your guests by booking up in El Poblado!

How to Get Around Medellín

For visitors, the best way to get around Medellín is by public transport. Your options are as follows: metro, bus, tram, rail, bike, and cable car. In other words, the public transport in Medellín is rather unique!

The Metro system has two lines. A, which runs from North to South, and B, which runs East to West. They meet at San Antonio Station.

Then you have the gondola system, which has transformed the lives of hillside residents, where six lines cover 20 stations.

A more eco-friendly way to get around Medellín is by tram. It’s a smooth journey and part of the city’s new sustainable initiatives. However, it only covers the centre and the east of the city.

And an even more eco-friendly way to get around Medellín is by bike. There is more than 100km of bicycle paths here, and they even have a bike-share system called EnCicla, with more than 1,800 bicycles available across 100 docking stations!

Then you have the bus networks, which are the biggest element of public transport in Medellín. There are publicly and privately owned networks, and they go everywhere and anywhere!

And to wrap up the transport section of our Medellín city guide, you can of course take a taxi! You can hail them from the street, sure, but the safest and cheapest way is to ask your hotel to order one for you!

Food in Medellín

Now it’s the part of our Medellín city guide the foodies have been waiting for: the cuisine!

So here’s the thing, the food in Medellín is part of the larger Colombian cuisine, of course. However, you’ll find that it has its own distinct flavour when you visit! Now before you arrive, here are the things you really ought to try:

    1. Bandeja Paisa: An absolutely enormous meal consisting of the following: Bean, White rice, Grilled beef, Chicharrón (fried pork skin), Sweet plantain (or occasionally tostones), Sausage, Fried egg, Avocado, Yellow or white arepa.
    2. Mondongo: A traditional bit of food in Medellín – a soup of potatoes, yuca, hen, sausage, or pig meat and tripe.
    3. Mazamorra: A curious drink made from corn and milk mixed with bocadillo (a Colombian sweet made using guava fruit), brown sugar, or caramel.
    4. Calentado: A charming word for last night’s leftovers. It’s the perfect breakfast to get you ready for today’s event or recover from last night. They’re typically built from rice, beans, eggs, chorizo and whatever meat is at hand.
    5. Arepas: And finally, we couldn’t do a Medellín city guide without mentioning arepas. This grilled cornbread is a staple all over Colombia, it’s not just a portion of food in Medellín.

And not that you’ve got a taste for what food in Medellín is all about, then you’ll have to read our ultimate Colombian food guide. You’ll sound like a local to your guests once you’ve read this little beauty. Trust us!

The Weather in Medellín

Here we are – already – at the final part of our Medellín city guide: the weather section.

So, the good news is, it’s hot. Consistently hot, actually. You’ll have consistent highs of 27/28°C all through the year. And even then, your consistent lows are only 17/18°C. Amazing, right?

The only downside to the weather in Medellín is the rainfall. However, don’t let the figures below mislead you. Although there are a lot of days with rainfall, these showers are typically light and usually last 30 minutes or less.

  • January
    • Average High: 28°C
    • Average Low: 17°C
    • Rain: 5 day
  • February
    • Average High: 28°C
    • Average Low: 18°C
    • Rain: 7 day
  • March
    • Average High: 28°C
    • Average Low: 18°C
    • Rain: 9 day
  • April
    • Average High: 27°C
    • Average Low: 18°C
    • Rain: 13 days
  • May
    • Average High: 27°C
    • Average Low: 18°C
    • Rain: 16 days
  • June
    • Average High: 28°C
    • Average Low: 18°C
    • Rain: 13 days
  • July
    • Average High: 28°C
    • Average Low: 17°C
    • Rain: 11 day
  • August
    • Average High: 28°C
    • Average Low: 17°C
    • Rain: 14 days
  • September
    • Average High:27°C
    • Average Low: 17°C
    • Rain: 14 days
  • October
    • Average High: 27°C
    • Average Low: 17°C
    • Rain: 15 days
  • November
    • Average High: 27°C
    • Average Low: 17°C
    • Rain: 14 day
  • December
    • Average High: 27°C
    • Average Low: 17°C
    • Rain: 10 day

Wrapping up

So there you have it. We hope you’ve enjoyed our Medellín city guide. It’s been a blast, right? Thanks for reading, and we wish you all the luck in the world with your event in Medellín.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, we’d love to hear from you. But before you go, why not check out our ultimate guide to event decor?

FAQ for Event Venues in Medellín

A venue in Medellín will generally cost between COP 49,000 and COP 99,000 per hour. However, this can vary when considering extras such as catering, marketing, and so on.

Absolutely. You can host an event in Medellín for as long as an hour or over many days!

The cancellation policy for venues in Medellín will be dictated by the locations themselves. That being said - generally speaking - you can expect bookings less than 48hrs before are non-refundable.

You’ll usually find that our venus comes with AV equipment and stationery as standard. However, for extras, you might have to pay more.

Here at Spacehuntr, we’re an international gang of friends. We speak English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Dutch. As for your event in Medellín, you’ll find that most of the locals speak English as well as Spanish. And if not, we’ll be on hand to help you out!

Medellín has had its troubles in the past, but it’s getting safer and safer all the time! But as safe as it is these days, it’s still a large city, so take as good care of yourself as you would anywhere else. Our top tips for visitors to your event in Medellín are as follows:
  • Stick to popular tourist areas, especially at night. The safest regions are in the center and north.
  • Don’t use street taxis. Uber and DiDi are better alternatives.
  • Avoid walking home alone at night.
  • Choose a hotel with door security.
  • Organize your event with a company that knows the local market

Oh yes! We offer a full-service or customised buffet of event production services for your event in Medellín. From stage design planning to marketing and catering. Just ask. Your wish is our command!