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Emily Weguelin
Emily Weguelin
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"I worked with the team to plan an event from London and had the most incredible service and experience. A highly professional and organised team, who were always one step ahead…"​
Ngoc Bui
Ngoc Bui
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"The service was excellent, friendly and efficient! Spacehuntr managed to find us the perfect venue within a very short time and I love how they really listen to meet every customer's need." ​​
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Mahmoud Al Marei
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"Very impressed with the service! After landing on their site I was able to get direct chat support, a couple hours later they found me the perfect venue with amazing catering for a very good price." ​​

A Guide to Private Dining in Madrid

There is a lot of good reasons to go to Madrid. One we can all agree on is for the food. To that end, we’ve made a little guide to private dining in Madrid for your pleasure. We hope you enjoy it, and if you are curious about anything else, just ask one of our local experts.

The Venues  

As it stands, we have 37 venues and counting, with some starting at just €35 per hour, with some boasting capacities of up to 450 guests!

There’s a dazzling range of styles in this city. For any kind of private dining event, you’re planning in Madrid; we’re willing to bet we can find you the perfect venue.

From rustic barns to elegant boardrooms, there’s a style for everyone. What’s more, we have intimate private dining rooms and vibrant restaurants if you want something a bit louder.

Being in the south of Europe, you’ll see that Madrid specialises in open rooftop venues and heart-warming terraces, just as the locals like it. For a taste of what we’re on about, you should check out the best of our amazing venues in Madrid for outdoor events.

The Best Areas in Madrid for Private Dining 

Tetuan is a multicultural area with a vibrant nightlife scene. You’ll find that private dining rooms here are rustic, homely, and refined.

Chamartin is a healthy mix of upmarket residential and business. Private dining rooms here are contemporary, refined, and stylish.

And in the glamorous area of Salamanca, you’ll find wide boulevards, food markets, and museums. The private dining rooms here range from contemporary art centres to luxurious private homes.

What to Expect from Cuisine in Madrid

Spain is famous for its cuisine. The tapas, the paella, and the morcilla sausage, for starters (figuratively speaking). Each region has its own distinct voice. In her capital, all these voices come together. That means for your private dining event in Madrid, you have the whole gastronomic map of Spain to choose from.

You’ll get classic Spanish snack food like patatas bravas and churros, of course. It’s sage to say we all know and love them dearly.

But don’t stop there. Be sure to indulge in more local specialities like Cocido madrileño, a beef and vegetable stew. Or for the braver palate, Callos a la madrileña. A concoction of chorizo, blood sausage, and the hoof and snout of a cow.

The snack of choice for the locals is a calamari sandwich. These glorious deep fried snacks came on to the scene in the ‘50s. The story goes that thanks to the new railways and the arrival of imigrants, the abundance of fresh fish and recently arrived skills led to this Madrid delight. The perfect place to eat them is just off Plaza Mayor. La Campana is a highlight you’d be sorry to miss.

And don’t forget, you’re in Spain after all. The country where you get free tapas when order a drink in bar. It won’t replace your evening meal, but it’s certainly appreciated! For each round you order, the bar staff will dutifully place a small plate of snacks by you. It never gets old.

How to Get There 

  • Public Transport
    • Buses: 11, 66, 124, 147, 149, 27.
    • Metro: M1, M10, M9.
    • Train: C1, C10, C2, C3, C4A, C4B, C7.
  • Secure Parking Garages in Tetuan
    • Parking Público Presidente Carmona – Av. del General Perón 21.
    • Public parking Supercor Bravo Murillo – Calle de Los Molinos 24.
  • Public Transport
    • Buses: 11, 16, 147, 27, 29, 40, 51.
    • Metro: M8, M9, M10.
    • Train: C1, C2, C10, C3, C4A, C4B, C7.
  • Secure Parking Garages in Tetuan
    • North Central Parking – Calle Agustín de Foxá 27.
    • Parking Mundial – Av. de Alberto Alcocer 11.
  • Public Transport
    • Buses: 2, 6, 10.
    • Metro: 2, 4, 5, 9.
  • Secure Parking Garages in Salamanca
    • Interparking Velázquez Juan Bravo –  Calle de Velázquez 86-94.
    • Parking Público – Calle de Velázquez 24.

Where to Stay 

When you can’t possibly eat another bite, you’ll want somewhere comfy to sleep it off. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the best luxury hotels in Madrid. We can guarantee you two things, firstly, the best hotels in Madrid are in the centre, and secondly, they all have remarkable rooftop terraces.

FAQ for private dining Rooms in Madrid

A private dining room in Madrid can cost between €65 - €135 per hour. This price can vary depending on the number of guests and menu selection. Our City Experts can give you a rough quote based on the requirements of your private dinner.

Each private dining room has different cancellation policies. Generally, the earlier you cancel, the more money you can expect to get back. Cancellations within 48 hours of your booking are typically non-refundable.

Absolutely! Most restaurants are available for private hire, depending on the date(s) and availability. If not, you can hire their private dining room. It isn't unusual for restaurants to work on a minimum spend basis if you intend to book the entire venue.

Booking a venue for your event is easy! Simply browse through our selection of private dining rooms in Madrid and submit a request for your dates. Our City Experts will get back to you with a quote and availabilities. If you are struggling to decide, get in touch, and we can recommend some suitable venues.

This is ultimately down to the policy of the venue. If the venue is a restaurant, then they are more likely only to do in-house catering. For anywhere else, it’s typical that you can choose exterior or interior catering.

In today’s world of corporate catering, professionals are more and more accommodating to different dietary requirements. If you tell our experts of any requirements you have, they can help organise the menu to your needs.