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Devon Ferreira
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Emily Weguelin
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"I worked with the team to plan an event from London and had the most incredible service and experience. A highly professional and organised team, who were always one step ahead…"​
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Mahmoud Al Marei
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"Very impressed with the service! After landing on their site I was able to get direct chat support, a couple hours later they found me the perfect venue with amazing catering for a very good price." ​​

Guide to Photoshoots in Madrid

The Venues

The beautiful thing about the photoshoot rooms in Madrid is that they are unconventional. Yes, there we have standard-issue, conventional photo studios in our selection. They’re great.

But we’re also very proud of our quirky and exciting selection that range from bourgeois apartments, nostalgic wood workshops, glass penthouses, industrial warehouses and more.

And don’t just take us on our word. You can see The 9 best photography studios for hire in Madrid right here. And if you feel like you need to showcase your work, check our favourite 7 exhibition spaces for hire in Madrid while you’re at it.

The Areas 

Ciudad Jardín is Spanish for the garden city. an example of how the photoshoot rooms in Madrid are unconventional. They have a spacious and lounging qualityMadrid’s hotels, in a contemporary style.

In Centro (the centre) you’ll see a wild mix of photoshoot rooms. From rustic living rooms, to built-for-purpose studios, to glass corporate penthouses that tower over the city. And plus, the centre is a stunning and lively place to be while we’re talking about it!

Salamanca is a more leasurely part of the city. It has wide leafy streets and fancy shops and restaurants. Photoshoots here are defined by their contemporary and clean designs, as well as a small dash of quirkiness to keep thigns interesting.

The Local Professionals

Straight off the bat, once you have the venue, you’re going to need the people to make the shots. For starters, you should check out photography agencies HEROES Agency and  Código 7 for top rate professionals.

And If your photoshoot in Madrid requires models, you can work with top-quality models from VDM Management or Six Management.

And if you need models, you’ll probably need makeup artists. With that in mind you should seek out two of the best in Judith Jaso and Alberto Dugarte.

Getting Equipment

You can only carry so much in your suitcase, so you might have to source some of the essentials for your photoshoot in Madrid. Easy peasy.

To hire first rate equipment, you can always rely on Alquiler ópticas Zeiss or Alquiler de Camaras. And if you want to create a story with depth, you’ll need good props and a set that can carry a narrative. So for all your prop and set design needs, we recomend Plano Secuencia.

How to Get There 

Ciudad Jardin 
  • Public Transport
    • Buses: 1, 11, 40, 43, 52, 7, 9, 72, 73.
    • Metro: M4, M8, M9.
    • Train: C10, C3, C4A, C7.
  • Secure Parking Garages in Salamanca
    • Parking Principe de Vergara – Calle del Príncipe de Vergara 126.
    • Parking Clara del Rey – Calle Clara del Rey 32.
  • Public Transport
    • Buses: 002, 5, 7, 12, 15, 20, 53, 150
    • Metro: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.
    • Train: AVE (domestic and international), Alvia (domestic).
  • Secure Parking Garages in Centro
    • Garaje Centro -Calle de los Relatores 11.
    • Parking Público – Paseo de Recoletos 37.
  • Public Transport
    • Buses: 2, 6, 10.
    • Metro: 2, 4, 5, 9.
  • Secure Parking Garages in Salamanca
    • Interparking Velázquez Juan Bravo –  Calle de Velázquez 86-94.
    • Parking Público – Calle de Velázquez 24.

Where to Stay 

After a long day of shooting where do you go? Somewhere special, surely? Well don’t worry a second more, because we have your accommodation right here in this guide to the best luxury hotels in Madrid. If there’s one thing that you can almost always rely on with the hotels in Madrid is that the best ones are in the centre and that they have premier rooftop terraces. It’s the calling card of the luxury Madrid hotel.

FAQ for photoshoot Rooms in Madrid

A photo studio in Madrid can cost between €30 - €75. This price can vary depending on the size of the space, location and any rented materials. Our City Experts can give you a rough quote based on your photo shoot requirements.

Different photo studios have different cancellation policies. Generally, the earlier you cancel, the more money you can expect to get back. However, it's quite common that last-minute bookings (less than 48 hours before the photo shoot) are non-refundable.

Browse photoshoot locations in Madrid and submit a request for your favourite venues. Our City Experts will get back to you with a quote and availabilities. If you can't find something suitable, get in touch! We have plenty of other partner venues that aren't online.

You will find that most photoshoot studios in Madrid come with video shoot capability. If you are interested in working with a local production company in Madrid, one of our local experts will be very happy to introduce you to some appropriate partners. 

Yes, absolutely. Photoshoot studios in Madrid either come as a blank canvas venue or equipped with props and furniture for your shoot. However, you can still book blank canvas venues and have props you need to be brought in externally.

The minimum amount of time you can book a photoshoot studio in Madrid is one hour. However, you can book the same venue over several days if the space in question is available.