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Emily Weguelin
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Ngoc Bui
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"The service was excellent, friendly and efficient! Spacehuntr managed to find us the perfect venue within a very short time and I love how they really listen to meet every customer's need." ​​
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Mahmoud Al Marei
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"Very impressed with the service! After landing on their site I was able to get direct chat support, a couple hours later they found me the perfect venue with amazing catering for a very good price." ​​

A Guide to Outdoor Events in Madrid

The weather is great, the food is spectacular, and the people are lovely. You’ve certainly made a strong decision looking into outdoor event venues in Madrid. And we’re going to make the process a lot easier for you. What you’ve stumbled upon is a concise guide to outdoor events in Madrid. And if you have any questions whatsoever, don’t hesitate to ask one of our experts  

The Best Areas in Madrid to Host Outdoor Events

Malasaña – Malasaña is a central area with a chirpy and creative character. It’s full of vintage shops, chill bars, restaurants, and unique boutiques.


Salamanca – Salamanca is the most extravagant area in Madrid. Typified by the Golden Mile. All the finest international and Spanish designers, as well as Michelin-starred restaurants, find their home here.


Centro (Centre) – Centro is Madrids historic core. You’ll find the cities finest icons here include Gran Via, The Royal Palace, the Prado museum, and more. It’s also a great place for green spaces, shopping, and bars.

How to Get to Your Outdoor Event in Madrid

The metro is king in Madrid. It’s cheap, fast, and covers most of the city. A single will cost you between €1.50 – €2.00 and it runs from 6 am – 1.30 am.

The bus network is run by EMT and is extensive too. It has over 200 lines and runs from 6 am to 11.30 pm. Thereafter the night buses – known locally as Owl Buses – operate from 11.45 pm to 6 am. A single on the bus will cost you €1.50.

Like any city worth its salt, you can buy a travel pass to save yourself the stress of carrying change. You can get ten journeys for €12.50, which we think is very reasonable.

As for taxis, they have an iconic look in Madrid. They’re white, sporting a red diagonal band bearing the city’s crest. There’s over 15,600 of them, and they charge a price per hour and kilometre system. If you’d rather stick with what you know, there’s always Uber!



Public Transport

      • Buses: 1, 002
      • Metro: 2

Secure Parking Garages in Malasaña

      • Parking Malayerba – Calle de San Andrés 34.
      • Interparking Barceló – C. de Barceló, S/N. 


Public Transport

      • Buses: 2, 6, 10. 
      • Metro: 2, 4, 5, 9. 

Secure Parking Garages in Salamanca

      • Interparking Velázquez Juan Bravo –  Calle de Velázquez 86-94.
      • Parking Público – Calle de Velázquez 24.


Public Transport

      • Buses: 002, 5, 7, 12, 15, 20, 53, 150
      • Metro: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.
      • Train: AVE (domestic and international), Alvia (domestic).

Secure Parking Garages in Centro

      • Garaje Centro -Calle de los Relatores 11. 
      • Parking Público – Paseo de Recoletos 37. 

The Weather in Madrid

Mellow winters, and hot summers, what is not to like? For example, in the high summer, you can expect an average high of up to 32°C with only 1 day of rain!


      • Average High: 10°C
      • Average Low: 3°C
      • Rain: 5 days 


      • Average High: 12°C
      • Average Low: 4°C
      • Rain: 5 days 


      • Average High: 12°C
      • Average Low: 6°C
      • Rain: 5 days 


      • Average High: 18°C
      • Average Low: 8°C
      • Rain: 6 days 


      • Average High: 22°C
      • Average Low: 11°C
      • Rain: 7 days 


      • Average High: 28°C
      • Average Low: 16°C
      • Rain: 3 days 


      • Average High: 32°C
      • Average Low: 19°C
      • Rain: 1 day 


      • Average High: 31°C
      • Average Low: 19°C
      • Rain: 1 day


      • Average High: 26°C
      • Average Low: 15°C
      • Rain: 3 days 


      • Average High: 19°C
      • Average Low: 11°C
      • Rain: 6 days 


      • Average High: 13°C
      • Average Low: 6°C
      • Rain: 6 days 


      • Average High: 10°C
      • Average Low: 4°C
      • Rain: 6 days

Great Catering Services for Outdoor Events in Madrid 

i-Catering: Indian Catering is an immersive Indian catering experience. They offer full banquets, light edibles, and even food truck services. The catering service is made all the more unique with traditional Indian uniforms of the staff and the option of Indian musical entertainment. 

Kozinart Catering: Kozinart Catering has more than 15 years of experience in this business and offers a completely tailored experience for your outdoor event in Madrid. They can do everything from breakfasts to dinner receptions, with a penchant for homely and quirky decorations and design. 

Catering Da-Pa: Catering Da-Pa is what you probably expect when you think of outdoor cooking: BBQ. It’s a good honest experience where simple food is made from quality ingredients. They also offer cool workshop experiences, halal food, high tea, sandwiches, and breakfast.


Where to Stay While in Madrid for Your Outdoor Events 

Hotels in Malasaña

Art Deco Hotel in Central Madrid 

      • Prices start from €73
      • Star Rating: 4.4
      • Highlights: Art Deco design, terrace with bar service, restaurant, TV, WiFi.

Contemporary and Central Stay With Marvelous Rooftop 

      • Prices start from €67
      • Star Rating: 4
      • Highlights: Marvelous rooftop, contemporary design, WiFi, TV, safe, mini-fridge. 

Hotels in Salamanca

Elegant Hotel with an Avante-Garde Decoration 

      • Prices start from €261
      • Star Rating: 4.6
      • Highlights: Luxurious and modern hotel, Avante-garde design, central location, decorated restaurant. 

Hotels in Centro

Modern Renovated Hotel in the Heart of Madrid 

      • Prices start from €88
      • Star Rating: 4.4
      • Highlights: Traditional tapas menu, unique decor, TV, WiFi, mini-fridge, safe. 

FAQ for outdoor Rooms in Madrid

Indoor Venue with an Outdoor Attachment - When we talk about indoor venues with outdoor attachments we’re talking about venues with depth. In Madrid, you have these with a distinct Castillian style that your guests will find incredibly romantic. 


Top Pick: Flower Garden For Private Meetings 


Rooftop Terrace - Madrid is a large city, so it’s no surprise there are lots of tall buildings there. And with tall buildings come rooftop terraces, and with rooftop terraces… lots of styles and stunning views! 


Top Pick: Iconic Rooftop Terrace With Glamorous Style


Street Terrace - The locals love taking in a wine or a beer out on their many street terraces. Treat your guests to a drink in the style of the locals. We’ve got lots of gems to show you! 


Top Pick: Wonderful Terrace Open All Year Round

Each hotel has different cancellation policies. Generally, you can pay a higher cost to secure a refundable rate. Then the earlier you cancel, the more money you can expect to get back. Non-refundable rates are usually cheaper but cancellations or rebookings are not possible.

Most Outdoor Venues in Madrid will either be a part of an indoor venue or have canopies, parasols, or marquees. Furthermore, most outdoor venues will have heated lamps. It is important to check this out if you are worried about the weather conditions. Our experts will be able to source these items for you as long as they are compatible with the venue. But as we said before, we will be very surprised if you need or want any of these additional amenities considering how magical the weather is.

The general rule is that the earlier you cancel, the more likely you will get a refund for your booking. It’s safe to assume a two week limit for non-refundable cancellations.