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Emily Weguelin
Emily Weguelin
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"I worked with the team to plan an event from London and had the most incredible service and experience. A highly professional and organised team, who were always one step ahead…"​
Ngoc Bui
Ngoc Bui
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"The service was excellent, friendly and efficient! Spacehuntr managed to find us the perfect venue within a very short time and I love how they really listen to meet every customer's need." ​​
Mahmoud Al Marei
Mahmoud Al Marei
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"Very impressed with the service! After landing on their site I was able to get direct chat support, a couple hours later they found me the perfect venue with amazing catering for a very good price." ​​

A Guide to Meetings in Madrid

If you’re looking for a meeting room in Madrid, you probably wouldn’t say no to a guide to meetings in Madrid, would you? Well, here you are! And if you need anything else at all, just ask one of our local experts.

The Venues 

Great boardrooms for hire in Madrid usually come in two distinctive styles: Firstly you have the large, historical types found in the centre. Then you have the modern, and creative types found all over the city. So the choice is up to you!

We also have a great selection of brainstorming spaces. These Inspiring discussion spaces in Madrid need to be on your radar. They tend to have lowkey motifs that reflect their nonchalant culture when it comes to formality.

Then you have seminar-style rooms. You can check out our favourite Inspiring seminar rooms in Madrid here. Due to the flexible nature of the seminar event, they tend to be more versatile in their amenities and furniture, perfect for dynamic meetings.

And as for style, we have a lot going on. What makes meeting rooms in Madrid so special are their brightness and their creative energy.

We have dreamy rooms at the top of skyscrapers. We have open-air terraces. We have trendy industrial locations, bourgeois private residences, and so much more.

Browse at your leisure, or just tell one of our local experts what you want, and they’ll bring you back a selection to suit your wants and needs.

The Areas 

Malasaña is the leisurely and northerly part of the centre. It’s slow-paced and bursting with charm. You’ll find the meeting rooms range from towering venues with stunning views to homely meeting rooms full of greenery.

Salamanca is a spacious and illustrious area full of mesmerising 19th-century architecture. It’s a microcosm of Madrid, full of boutiques, parks, museums, and a noted fine-dining scene. The meeting rooms here are notably informal and with a unique sense of style.

Retiro is named after an expansive and picturesque park of the same name. Surrounding the park, the streets are full of fancy hotels, cafes, and museums. In short, you’ll find that meeting rooms in Retiro are stylish.

How to Get There 

  • Public Transport
    • Buses: 1, 002
    • Metro: 2
  • Secure Parking Garages in Malasaña
    • Parking Malayerba – Calle de San Andrés 34.
    • Interparking Barceló – C. de Barceló, S/N.
  • Public Transport
    • Buses: 2, 6, 10.
    • Metro: 2, 4, 5, 9.
  • Secure Parking Garages in Salamanca
    • Interparking Velázquez Juan Bravo –  Calle de Velázquez 86-94.
    • Parking Público – Calle de Velázquez 24.
  • Public Transport
    • Buses: 001, 141, 152, 24, 26, 37, C1, C2.
    • Metro: 1, 6, 9.
    • Train: C1, C10, C2, C3A, C4A, C5.
  • Secure Parking Garages in Retiro
    • Interparking Velázquez Juan Bravo –  Calle de Velázquez 86-94.
    • Parking Público – Calle de Velázquez 24.


Spain is a country that is renowned for its fabulous cuisine. And you’ll be happy to hear that Madrid leads by example as the capital of the country.

Malasaña is an area known for its alternative vibe and quirky eateries. Yes, of course, you’ll find authentic tapas. But make sure to look out for the famed Japanese restaurants and the vast range of breakfast cafes.

In Salamanca, you’ll see Michelin Starred restaurants neighbouring humble tapas bars in perfect harmony. It’s a classy area with a fashionable culinary culture. You’ll see the cutting edge of Spanish cuisine here. And if you want something off-piste, they have some super Indian restaurants.

Retiro is one of Madrid’s most frequented areas – by locals and tourists – and it’s easy to see why. It’s beautiful. And the food likewise. It’s a place that specialises in honest, traditional Spanish cuisine. It’s also got a thriving health food scene and a promising Asian food culture growing all the time.

Make the most of your lunch break – or the celebrations after – by visiting one of these 10 group-friendly restaurants in Madrid. The team that eats together meets successfully together after all!

Where to Stay 

You’re busy, so to save you messing about trying to find someplace to stay, we’ve written this guide to The best luxury hotels in Madrid. If there’s one thing that you can almost always rely upon Madrid’s hotels, the best ones are in the centre and have premier rooftop terraces. It’s the calling card of the luxury Madrid hotel.

FAQ for meeting Rooms in Madrid

A meeting room in Madrid can cost between €30 - €70 per hour. This price may not include extras such as technical equipment, catering and an onsite manager. Expect to pay a premium on top of the meeting room hire for additional requests.

This depends on the meeting venue's internal policies. Generally speaking, the earlier you cancel, the more money you can expect to get back. However, it's quite common that last-minute bookings (less than 48h before) are non-refundable.

Meeting Spaces typically provide strong WiFi, seating arrangements, a projector or screen (for larger meeting rooms), a whiteboard, and basic office supplies such as pens, paper and whiteboard markers. Coffee, tea and small snacks are also usually provided (check listing specifications for more details). Align with your location expert for additional special equipment like microphones, translation booths, etc. They can give you suggestions for reputable suppliers in the area. In general, it's safer to request any essential supplies or equipment in advance.

Meetings rooms in Madrid typically come with basic office supplies as part of your booking fee. It’s best to check in advance, though. For any supplies that the venue doesn’t supply, then we recommend La Riva Special Papers for meetings in Malasana(Plaza de San Ildefonso 4), Campo Marzio (Calle del General Díaz Porlier 15) and CARLIN (Calle de Castelló 38) for meetings in Salamanca and Retiro.