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Devon Ferreira
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"If you have an amazing venue, you’re 90% of the way to an amazing event - thanks to Spacehuntr, we always knock it out of the park!"
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Emily Weguelin
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"I worked with the team to plan an event from London and had the most incredible service and experience. A highly professional and organised team, who were always one step ahead…"​
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Mahmoud Al Marei
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"Very impressed with the service! After landing on their site I was able to get direct chat support, a couple hours later they found me the perfect venue with amazing catering for a very good price." ​​

A Guide to Outdoor Events in London 

The Best Areas in London to Host Outdoor events 

Mayfair – Mayfair is central and upmarket. You’ll find exclusive hotels, designer fashion houses, art galleries, and traditional pubs. In between and behind the fabulous Georgian architecture you’re also going to find lots of charming green spaces. That’s why it’s one of our favourite areas for outdoor events. So those with a passion for exclusivity, make note of Mayfair.  

Paddington – Like Mayfair, Paddington is full of gorgeous Georgian architecture. But what gives it its own flair is the mix of contemporary buildings strewn throughout as well. It’s a cosy area with a charming canal, green parks, and great transport links. What’s more, it’s great for casual cafes and old fashioned bars. Outdoor events here are perfect for getting a real taste of what London’s all about.


Shoreditch – Shoreditch is home to London’s young creatives. It has lots of trendy pubs, restaurants, design warehouses, and vintage shops and markets. Outdoor events here promise to be cool and earthy affairs.

How to Get to Your Outdoor Event in London

Thankfully for her residents and her visitors, London has a fully incorporated transport system. The public transport system is run by Transport for London (TfL) and they provide travel by train, underground, bus, ferry, light rail, and bike. Plus, they have an all-in-one ticket system for added convenience. 

Or you can travel with an icon, the famous black hackney cab via The London Cab Company. Alternatively, you can always go with Uber

Cycling is an easy option in London too. Santander Cycles – locally known as Boris Bikes – are a convenient way to get about and can be rented all across the city. 



Public Transport

      • Buses: 113, 22, 55, 6, 7, 9, 98. 
      • Underground: Central, Jubilee, Piccadilly, and Victoria Lines. 
      • Train: Chiltern Railways, Overground, Southeastern, Southern. 

Secure Parking Garages in Mayfair

      • Just Park Mayfair – 3-9 Old Burlington Street
      • NCP London Grosvenor Hill – 21 Grosvenor Hill


Public Transport

      • Buses: 187, 205, 27, 36, 46, 6, 7. 
      • Underground: Bakerloo, Circle, District, and Hammersmith & City Lines.
      • Train: Great Western Railway, Southern, TFL Rail, Thameslink. 

Secure Parking Garages in Paddington

      • APCOA Paddington Station Car Park – 42 Shelton Street. 
      • Just Park Westbourne Terrace – Westbourne Terrace


Public Transport

      • Buses: 149, 205, 243, 26, 35, 47, 55, 78. 
      • Underground: Northern.
      • Train: Great Northern, Overground.

Secure Parking Garages in Shoreditch 

      • Euro Car Park Shoreditch – 162-167 Shoreditch High Street.
      • Broadgate Car Park – Broadwalk House.

The Weather

Yes, we know, London and the British Isles has a reputation for bad weather. That being said, we have two arguments for why outdoor events in London are a good idea: 1) As you’ll see, the weather is actually quite good. And, 2) Most outdoor venues are generally prepared for the worst!

For example, in the high summer, you can expect weather of up to 23°C. Now that’s not bad at all. And if it’s a touch under or raining, most outdoor venues come with rain covering and heaters as standard. 

And if not, you could always rent patio heaters from London Cool and a gazebo from Casablanca Hire. Peace of mind isn’t so hard to achieve as it happens. 


      • Average High: 9°C
      • Average Low: 4°C
      • Rain: 12 days 


      • Average High: 9°C
      • Average Low: 5°C
      • Rain: 9 days 


      • Average High: 12°C
      • Average Low: 6°C
      • Rain: 9 days 


      • Average High: 15°C
      • Average Low: 7°C
      • Rain: 9 days 


      • Average High: 18°C
      • Average Low: 10°C
      • Rain: 8 days 


      • Average High: 21°C
      • Average Low: 13°C
      • Rain: 8 days 


      • Average High: 23°C
      • Average Low: 15°C
      • Rain: 7 days 


      • Average High: 23°C
      • Average Low: 15°C
      • Rain: 8 days


      • Average High: 20°C
      • Average Low: 13°C
      • Rain: 8 days 


      • Average High: 16°C
      • Average Low: 10°C
      • Rain: 10 days 


      • Average High: 12°C
      • Average Low: 7°C
      • Rain: 10 days 


      • Average High: 9°C
      • Average Low: 5°C
      • Rain: 10 days

Great Catering Services for Outdoor Events in London

The Clay Oven: The Clay Oven is a venerated catering company with over 30 years of experience that specialises in Indian style canapes. 

The Garden Catering: The Garden Catering specialise in what they call a food village-style concept. They use cuisines and flavours around the world. 

Humdingers: Humdingers is a high-end catering company operating out of Hoxton. They use a personal process in planning your catering to ensure you get exactly what you want. They also ensure a seasonal and fresh menu. 


Fun Games for Your Outdoor Events in London

Not everyone has the patience to sit in the sun all day. Some of your guests will have the itch to do something. Well, why not play? 

Outdoor games are great because they allow you to throw things mostly. Try throwing things inside and you’ll hear your mothers’ voice telling you to stop. 

So can you imagine yourself playing games like table tennis, bouls, Connect 4, chess, cornhole, or whatever your heart desires? Just check out vendors such as Fun Day, PJ Entertainment, and Fancy a Treat.


Where to Stay While in London for Your Outdoor Event

Hotels in Mayfair

Luxury Hotel in Modern English Style 

      • Prices start from £267
      • Star Rating: 4.8
      • Highlights: Unique English interior design, seasonal cuisine, bar, safe, TV screen, safe, and WiFi. 

Upscale Hotel with an Exquisite Atmosphere

      • Prices start from £367
      • Star Rating: 4.6
      • Highlights: Rooms by award-winning interior design firm David Collins Studio, bar, penthouses, Japanese cuisine, espresso-machines, TV screens, and WiFi.

Hotels in Paddington

Rustic Boat Hotel in London 

      • Prices start from £309
      • Star Rating: 4.5 
      • Highlights: Relaxing, one the water, kitchen, mini-fridge, safe, and WiFi. 

Hotels in Shoreditch

Artistic Rooms in the Heart of Shoreditch 

      • Prices start from £159
      • Star Rating: 4.5
      • Highlights: Modern and sleek interior, bar, TV screen, and WiFi.

Opulent Hotel with Rooftop Pool

      • Prices start from £288
      • Star Rating: 4
      • Highlights: Two restaurants, outdoor swimming pool, rooftop terrace, Laundry service.

FAQ for outdoor Rooms in London

Indoor Venue with an Outdoor Attachment - The best of both worlds, plain and simple. London is full of places like these. 

Top Pick: Flower Garden For Private Meetings 

Rooftop Terrace - Premium views with an exclusive ambience. Rooftop terraces are always enigmatic venues for events. And London has cosy ones, massive ones, and everything in between in all kinds of styles. 

Top Pick: Jungle-Themed Rooftop Terrace

Courtyard - A courtyard is an unroofed and enclosed (sometimes only partially) area. In London, you’ll get everything from the regal kind to the secret urban kind. 

Top Pick: Unique Courtyard Garden for Special Events

Garden - Englishness and gardens go hand in hand. Thanks to the foresight of the Victorians, London is packed full of spacious and well-kept garden spaces. 

Top Pick: Extraordinary Venue for Outdoor Events 

In short, any kind of event you want. Private dining events, meetings, after-work events, conferences, exhibitions, photoshoots, and more!

Outdoor venues in London start at £65 per hour. The cost is largely dependent on the size of the venue and the amenities offered. If you’re uncertain about what each venue comes with or what you might need for your event, please feel free to ask one of our experts.

Most Outdoor Venues in London will either be a part of an indoor venue or have canopies, parasols, or marquees. Furthermore, most outdoor venues will have heated lamps. It is important to check this out if you are worried about the weather conditions. Our experts will be able to source these items for you as long as they are compatible with the venue.

The general rule is that the earlier you cancel, the more likely you will get a refund for your booking. It’s safe to assume a two week limit for non-refundable cancellations.