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Events Guide Helsinki

Hello there friend, and welcome to our Helsinki city guide. Whether you’re here for pleasure or business, we’ve got everything you need to know down below.

From choosing an event venue in Helsinki to the food, getting around, the weather, and beyond. You’ll find out everything you need to know and more.

And, as ever, if you need anything else at all, just ask one of our local experts!

What Kind of Events in Helsinki Can I Host?

The short answer to this question is anything you want! There is a busy and lively schedule of events in Helsinki that you can be a part of.

From folkish harvest festivals to landmark design weeks, Herring festivals, and film festivals, there’s always something cultural going on.

However, the latest trend in the world of events in Helsinki has to be crypto and blockchain events that are simply booming here. So watch this space and get in on the action!

What Kind of Event Venues in Helsinki Can I Book?

This is a city that’s famed for its architecture. In fact, it’s so special, there’s even a band from Australia named after it called Architecture in Helsinki.

The most distinct brand of styles you’ll see range from Art Nouveau to functionalist, neoclassical, and neo-romanticism. And this is definitely reflected in your choice of venue in Helsinki. So if you’re looking for a city with serious architectural pedigree, this is the place to be.

That being said, not all the event venues in Helsinki are so refined. There’s also a wealth of former industrial locations and contemporary Nordic minimalism to sink your teeth into too!

  • P.S. here’s our ultimate guide to event stage design to make your event venue in Helsinki beyond perfect!

The Best Areas in Helsinki

There are loads of amazing areas in Helsinki. However, three of our favourites for hosting an event are Kluuvi, Kamppi, and Punavouri. Here’s why:

  • Our first area in Helsinki for your consideration is Kluuvi. This is effectively the city centre. It’s where you’ll find the central station, the University of Helsinki, and most prominent department stores, and the fanciest shopping streets.
  • As well as being an important business centre – ideally geared up for your event in Helsinki – it’s also a major cultural hub, with the National Theatre, the Kiasma Museum, and the Ateneum Museum being here.
  • If you’re planning an after-work event in Helsinki, then we recommend Kamppi. It’s another central area too, conveniently enough. This is where you’ll find the best nightlife in the city. There’s great food, stunning examples of functionalist architecture, and great fleamarkets. So if it sounds really hip it’s because it is!
  • And finally, for those yearning for an event venue in Helsinki that has a historical charm, then you need to go to Punavouri. This destination is chock-full of neo-renaissance and art nouveau buildings and plenty of former industrial locations for you to indulge yourself in! It’s a nostalgic neighbourhood, full of colour, with a gentle pace.

How to Get Around Helsinki

Now you have an idea of what area to host your event in Helsinki. Next, you’ll want to know how to get there.

Well, the first and perhaps most cheerful way to get around Helsinki is to simply walk! It’s a compact city, with major sights and districts closely bunched together.

And by extension, another way to get around Helsinki is by bike. The highlight of the cycling network is the Baana corridor, built along a disused railway line. It’s part of a 1,200km network. And to make it even more accessible, there is a 3,500-strong fleet of yellow City Bike located across 241 stations you can hire!

Then, of course, you have fabulous public transport in Helsinki! It’s run by HSL, and they offer travel by bus, tram, metro, commuter train and ferry. And what you and your guests will love is that you can access them all with a single ticket or through an app.

Food in Helsinki

The next part of our Helsinki city guide will form an essential part of your visit. Yes, it’s time to talk about the cuisine, folks!

Now, we could talk about the food in Helsinki all day. However, we’re busy, and so are you, so for now, enjoy this handy rundown of our favourites!

Baltic Herring: being right next to the sea, the freshest food in Helsinki has always been the herring. It’s best pickled or served with potatoes.

Grillimakkara: This next bit of food in Helsinki you need to try is a grilled sausage. They’re best served with mustard and beer.

Pulla: A must-have at your next event in Finland is pulla. They’re effectively cinnamon buns, shaped like bread rolls, covered in icing sugar and walnuts.

Lingonberry Pie: We couldn’t write a Helsinki city guide without talking about the local favourite which is lingonberry pie. Don’t miss out on tasting it while you’re here!

Crayfish:The final bit of food in Helsinki you need to try is Crayfish. They’re not cheap, though. This delight is only for when you want to make your guests feel special!

The Weather in Helsinki

So, the next part of our Helsinki city guide is the weather. It’s a northern country, so you already know it’s going to be warm in the middle of the year, and cold at the begging and the end.

For those looking to host an event during the warm season, the weather in Helsinki is friendliest from June to August.

And although it does get very cold during the winter, that doesn’t mean the party stops. They’ve had lots of practice with temperatures that dip below zero; the infrastructure is specially designed to keep life going at full pace, so your event venue in Helsinki will be toasty no matter what month it is!

    • January
      • Average High: -2°C
      • Average Low: -7°C
      • Rain: 10 day
    • February
      • Average High: -2°C
      • Average Low: -7°C
      • Rain: 7 day
    • March
      • Average High: 2°C
      • Average Low: -4°C
      • Rain: 7 day
    • April
      • Average High: 7°C
      • Average Low: 1°C
      • Rain: 7 day
    • May
      • Average High: 14°C
      • Average Low: 6°C
      • Rain: 6 day
    • June
      • Average High: 19°C
      • Average Low: 11°C
      • Rain: 7 days
    • July
      • Average High: 21°C
      • Average Low: 14°C
      • Rain: 7 day
    • August
      • Average High: 20°C
      • Average Low: 13°C
      • Rain: 10 days
    • September
      • Average High: 15°C
      • Average Low: 9°C
      • Rain: 9 days
    • October
      • Average High: 9°C
      • Average Low: 4°C
      • Rain: 9 days
    • November
      • Average High: 4°C
      • Average Low: 0°C
      • Rain: 11 day
  • December
    • Average High: 1°C
    • Average Low: -4°C
    • Rain: 11 day
Wrapping up

And that will do us for today. We hope you’ve enjoyed our Helsinki city guide. It’s been short but sweet.

Make sure to drop us a line. Our local experts can give you a hand-curated selection of venues in Helsinki for you to choose from. All you have to do is ask!

FAQ for Event Venues in Helsinki

The average cost for a hotel room in Helsinki is €79 for a.single person. However, the average cost of a luxury hotel is $143
There is no set maximum for how long you can book a venue in Helsinki. The minimum however is one hour.

Like any city, a private dining event or after-work drinks are always a good idea. However, if you’re looking for activities that are unique to Helsinki, here are some of our favourites: 

  • Climb up the Helsinki Cathedral steps (Helsingin tuomiokirkko)
  • Take the ferry to Suomenlinna Island
  • Take a dip in the Allas Sea Pool
  • Visit a Moomin Café
  • Marvel at Kiasma Art Museum
  • Walk over to Seurasaari island
  • Drink cocktails with a view in Ateljee Bar
  • Learn Finnish history at the National Museum of Finland
Absolutely. For example, more than 77% of journeys made in this city are through sustainable means. Plus, there are a whole load of cool eco-friendly initiatives going on. If this issue is important to you, let us know, and we’ll sort you out with a sustainable event venue in Helsinki!
Most of our event venues in Helsinki will come with AV equipment, stationary, and drinks services as standard. For extras like catering and staffing, there might be further costs.
What is the average cost of a dry-hire event venue in Helsinki?
There is no general rule when it comes to cancellations for venues in Helsinki. However, the general rule of thumb is that bookings less than 48hrs before are non-refundable.