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Emily Weguelin
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Mahmoud Al Marei
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"Very impressed with the service! After landing on their site I was able to get direct chat support, a couple hours later they found me the perfect venue with amazing catering for a very good price." ​​

A Guide to Outdoor Events in Brussels 

Isn’t it great when someone does all the research for you and presents it in an accessible and concise manner? 

Yes, we love that too. And in that vein, this helpful instalment is a guide to outdoor events in Brussels. So without further ado, let’s get to it. And if you have any other burning questions or desires, just ask one of our experts!


The Best Areas in Brussels to Host Outdoor Events

Dansaert – Dansaert is historically Dutch-speaking, working-class, and industrial. These days it’s a bit more gentrified and international. It’s packed full of seafood restaurants, live music venues, and some superb traditional bars. 

IxellesIxelles encapsulates all of Brussels’ different personalities: from rich art nouveau buildings to modernist icons. It’s also home to two universities and a young and trendy local population.

Saint-Gilles – Saint-Gilles is diverse in personality too, with the north end being littered with grand Art Nouveau houses, and in the south end you have the earthy Gare du Midi. It’s an area with lots of quirky restaurants, theatres, galleries, cinemas, and buzzing nightlife. 

How to Get to Your Outdoor Event in Brussels

Public transport is run by STIB. Under their watchful eye, the people of Brussels have access to buses, trains, trams, and metro services. 

If you’re not in the city for long, then you can use contactless payments on STIB services. You can however save money by buying tickets in advance, with a single costing €2.10 (€2.50 buying onboard). And for further savings, a 1-day card costs €7.50 and gives you unlimited rides on all STIB services. 

The metro is the quickest way to get about. From central Brussels, you can get to the European district in 7 mins, Parc du Cinquantenaire in 9 mins, Woluwe Shopping Center in 15 mins, and Forêt de Soignes in just 19 mins. 

Brussels is also a bike-friendly city. There are wide streets and more often than not you’ll have dedicated cycle lanes. Villo bikes are available to rent for €7 per hour or €15 per day. And if you would like some electrical assistance then you can rent a Billy Bike. A bike-sharing system where all you need is a smartphone to unlock it and ride away! 


Public Transport

      • Buses: 48, 86, 95. 
      • Metro: 5.
      • Tram: 3, 4.
      • Train: IC, P, S2, S3, S6.

Secure Parking Garages in Dansaert

      • Q Park Dansaert – Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains 2
      • Be Park – Rue Paul Devaux 8. 


Public Transport

      • Buses: 348, 59, 71. 
      • Train: IC, S4, S5, S8, S9.
      • Tram: 92. 
      • Metro: 2. 

Secure Parking Garages in the Ixelles

      • BePark – Parking Maison Communale d’Ixelles – Chaussée d’Ixelles 213
      • BePark – Parking Lesbroussart – Rue de Hennin 18 


Public Transport

      • Light Rail: 3, 4. 
      • Buses: 27, 365A, 48, W.  
      • Train: IC, P, S2, S3, S6. 
      • Tram: 92. 
      • Metro: 2, 6. 

Secure Parking Garages in Saint Gilles

      • BePark – Parking Saint-Gilles – Rue Tasson-Snel 13. 
      • BePark – Parking Stefania – Chaussée de Charleroi 24. 

The Weather in Brussels

The weather in Brussels is typical for Western Europe. Mild to cold winters, surprisingly warm springs, and healthy summers. For example, in the high summer, you can expect an average high of up to 23°C. Perfect for an outdoor event, right?

That doesn’t mean you can’t be adaptable and well prepared in case of emergencies though. Just say, you get a touch of bad weather, you could always rent patio heaters from Aliloca and a marquee from Tent Moment


      • Average High: 6°C
      • Average Low: 1°C
      • Rain: 12 days 


      • Average High: 7°C
      • Average Low: 1°C
      • Rain: 9 days 


      • Average High: 11°C
      • Average Low: 4°C
      • Rain: 12 days 


      • Average High: 14°C
      • Average Low: 6°C
      • Rain: 10 days 


      • Average High: 19°C
      • Average Low: 10°C
      • Rain: 10 days 


      • Average High: 21°C
      • Average Low: 12°C
      • Rain: 10 days 


      • Average High: 23°C
      • Average Low: 14°C
      • Rain: 9 days 


      • Average High: 23°C
      • Average Low: 14°C
      • Rain: 9 days


      • Average High: 20°C
      • Average Low: 12°C
      • Rain: 9 days 


      • Average High: 15°C
      • Average Low: 8°C
      • Rain: 9 days 


      • Average High: 10°C
      • Average Low: 5°C
      • Rain: 11 days 


      • Average High: 7°C
      • Average Low: 2°C
      • Rain: 12 days

Great Catering Services for Outdoor Events in Brussels

When it comes to outdoor catering in Brussels our first thought is food trucks. Our expert Henri will give you the low down on what’s what. Check his video on the best food trucks for hire in Brussels here (alternatively, you can read the article).

But if you would prefer something that’s not on wheels, then how about…

Eating Point: Eating Point is a unique and tailored catering service that has 4 different concepts for you to choose from, Original, Express, Rise, and Time Out. Original is a global and fashionable food tour. Express is a tasty, affordable and efficient service for fast-moving and small events. Rise is a delicious breakfast to get your event off to the right start. Time Out is delicious grazing snacks throughout the day.

Choux De Bruxelles: Choux De Bruxelles has two decades of experience in catering from intimate dining for 10, to massive receptions of 5’000 guests. They promise a stylish, and customised experience. From a classic buffet to canapes, or sit down meals. They really do it all. 


Where to Stay While in Brussels for Your Outdoor Events 

Hotels in Daensart

Sleek and Central Accommodation 

      • Prices start from €116
      • Star Rating: 4.5
      • Highlights: Minimalist design, breakfast buffet, complimentary drinks, TV, WiFi.

Hotels in Ixelles 

Bright Rooms with a Relaxing Finish 

        • Prices start from €110
        • Star Rating: 4.3
        • Highlights: Smooth modernist design, WiFi, pets, laundry service, fitness centre and sauna, located in a major train station.

Hotels in Saint-Gilles

Cosmopolitan Luxury Hotel in Brussels 

        • Prices start from €169
        • Star Rating: 4.4
        • Highlights: Luxurious design, multiple restaurants and bars, TV, WiFi, outdoor terrace. 

FAQ for outdoor Rooms in Brussels

Indoor Venue with an Outdoor Attachment - Hiring a venue with both indoor and outdoor space is getting two for the price of one. It’s an extra dynamic that will breathe a bit more character into your event. And Brussels has some beauties to offer in this department too.

Top Pick: Space with Unique Design and Personality 

Rooftop Terrace - Things just feel more special up on a rooftop terrace. Maybe it’s the views, maybe it’s the subtlety of the exclusivity, who knows. But if this is what you’re into, you’ll be well catered for in Brussels. 

Top Pick: New York Style Loft in Brussels

Garden - The great thing about old cities is that they have old gardens to match. They’re good for the soul and even better for corporate events. 

Top Pick: Meeting Room in Garden

There are no limits when it comes to outdoor events in Brussels. You’ll be able to organise private dinings, meetings, after-work events, conferences, exhibitions, photoshoots, and more!

Outdoor venues in Brussels start at just €38 per hour. The price is usually determined by the size of the venue and the amenities and services offered. If you’re uncertain about what each venue comes with or what you might need for your event, please feel free to ask one of our experts.

Most Outdoor Venues in Brussels will either be a part of an indoor venue or have canopies, parasols, or marquees. Thankfully the majority of outdoor venues will have heating elements as well. It is important to check this out if you are worried about the weather conditions. Our experts will be able to source these items for you as long as they are compatible with the venue.

For outdoor venues in Brussels, the earlier you cancel, the more likely you are to get your money back. It’s safe to assume a two week limit for non-refundable cancellations.