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Events Guide Bogotá

Welcome, event planners to our Bogotá city guide. It's a marvellous city, that works hard and plays harder, as you're about to see! Founded in 1538, it stands 2650 metres (8694 ft) above sea level.

A reigning capital and powerhouse of South America, leading the field in business, tech, culture, research, and more. And although this guide is written with corporate events in mind, it's for anyone at all who's interested in a visit to Bogotá.

You'll learn everything from sourcing the right venue to public transport, getting to know the cuisine, and more! So enjoy, and if you need any help at all, we'd love to hear from you!

What Type of Events Can You Host in Bogotá?

So first things first, let’s kick off our Bogotá city guide talking about event types. Well, long story short, you can host any kind of event in Bogotá you could think of.

But what this city is particularly popular for are blockchain and tech-related events, as well as its record of fantastic cultural occasions.

So whether it’s an intimate meeting between colleagues or a huge industry exhibition, You can host your event in Bogotá with confidence!

Venues in Bogotá

The venues in Bogotá reflect its exciting and diverse identity. There’s everything from charming historical locations to massive built-for-purpose convention centres and everything in between.

This city has something for every type and style of event, from contemporary cultural centres to iconic scientific institutions. So if there’s one thing we know for sure, your visit to Bogotá will be stacked with cool locations!

The Best Areas in Bogotá

The next thing you’ll need to consider for your visit to Bogotá is the area. And just like the food – as you’ll read about later – the areas in Bogotá have a lot of flavour! For starters, you have the affluent area of Chico – great for after-work and private dining events thanks to its great nightlife and restaurant scene. And despite its affluent exterior, it can actually be quite affordable!

In contrast, you could go for the Distrito Financiero – the finance district – for your next event in Bogotá. The hotels here are luxurious, and the architecture radiates sheer business class, with great views of the rest of the city, all optimised for the MICE industry.

If you’d prefer an area in Bogotá with a perse and cosmopolitan feel, then you’ll love La Zona Rosa. It’s the definitive party area for the city’s locals. And during the day, there are plenty of green spaces, museums, and boutiques for your guests to explore too!

For the start-ups and creatives among you, you’ll love Chapinero. This area in Bogotá is full of art, organic bistros, and independent fashion labels and creatives.

The final area in Bogotá we’re going to cover here is La Candelaria. If you like history, this will be the perfect option for your event in Bogotá. It’s set right in amongst all the famous cultural and historical landmarks the city has to offer.

But anyway, this is an all-purpose Bogotá city guide, so we need to crack on. To learn more about these areas – and some others – you can read our guide to the best areas in Bogotá right here!

Getting Around Bogotá

The undisputed king of public transport in Bogotá is the bus. There are no trains or metro to speak of (yet, more on that later). Therefore, the TransMileno Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) will likely be your best option.

This system is impressive for many reasons. Firstly, it’s the largest BRT network in the world. Plus, it’s cheap, reliable, and fast. And perhaps even more impressively, it’s very eco-friendly, with the city producing a 1,485 strong fleet of electric buses, making it the third-largest outside of China.

N.B. this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Sustainable event initiatives in Bogotá.

An alternative to the BRT is buseta. A buseta is just a cute name for a small bus. It’s a privately-owned network of little buses that have no determined routes or stops – it’s a bit mad, in a charming sort of way. Most importantly, they’re very cheap at $0.45 for a single ticket and will make your visit to Bogotá an authentic experience of local life. So give them a try!

If your event is taking place in 2028, your options for public transport in Bogotá will take a big step forward. That’s when the city’s first metro line will be completed.

We would also recommend cycling if you want an alternative to public transport in Bogotá. The city has a huge network of cycle lanes reaching over 84km.

There’s a great bike-sharing system in the city too, with 1,500 mechanical bicycles, 1,500 electric bikes, 150 handbikes, 150 cargo bikes, and 150 bikes with child seats. Plus, it will be inclusive too, with a 20% discount for low-income residents.

  • Read this guide to learn more about getting around Bogotá.

Food in Bogotá

Now, this is the part of our Bogotá city guide the foodies have been waiting for… the food! Indeed, one of the perks of hosting this city is you’ll have great catering on hand to impress your guests. Because friends, the food in Bogotá is sublime!

Colombian cuisine is generally milder than its Caribbean and Latin neighbours. The flavours here are more earthly and smokey in flavour, defined by its filling soups, stews, and grilled meats.

Bread and pastries are a key part of daily life in Bogotá too, with things like asmasijos, arepas, and empanadas filled with all sorts of great stuff from cheese to chocolate, and everything else.

Speaking of cheese, Colombians eat it with everything – local variations you have to try cuajada, doble crema, Hilado, queso paipa, and costeño. Bogotá’s cheese quirk is that it’s eaten in combination with sweets. The most famous example is to dunk it in hot chocolate!

Another core food in Bogotá that your guests will love is fruit. It’s eaten excessively, and used for drinks and shakes on the daily. Best of all, you’ll get fruits here that you’ve never even heard of, such as feijoa, guanábana, lulo, mangosteen, cactus tuna and more.

And of course, we couldn’t talk about food in Bogotá without mentioning meat. Because similarly to their neighbours, Colombians love grilling theirs. Yes, the Asado tradition – the collective and social experience of barbequing meats – is very much alive here!

As we mentioned, soup is a big thing here too. The most iconic is aijaco, a wholesome chicken soup, that features potatoes, corn, and a herb called guasca. It’s then serviced with capers, avocado, and cream as garnish.

We could go on, but we have a lot to get through here. If you want to learn more then you’ll love our Colombian food guide.

Weather in Bogotá

When is the best time to visit Bogotá, you ask? Well, the answer – according to this Bogotá city guide – is whenever you like really!

If we could describe the weather in Bogotá in a single word, it would be consistent. The average high ranges between 19-20°C all year round, with average colds ranging between 6-9°C. But why, you ask, is a city so close to the equator so mild in climate? Well, as we said, it’s 2,600 metres (8,360 feet) above sea level after all.

In short, it’s warm during the day and chilly at night. And if you don’t like rain, the wettest months are in Spring and Autumn, and even then, it’s not so bad.


  • Average High: 20°C
  • Average Low: 6°C
  • Rain: 3 days


  • Average High: 20°C
  • Average Low: 7°C
  • Rain: 6 days


  • Average High: 20°C
  • Average Low: 8°C
  • Rain: 9 days


  • Average High: 20°C
  • Average Low: 9°C
  • Rain: 11 days


  • Average High: 20°C
  • Average Low: 9°C
  • Rain: 12 days


  • Average High: 19°C
  • Average Low: 9°C
  • Rain: 9 days


  • Average High: 19°C
  • Average Low: 8°C
  • Rain: 7 day


  • Average High: 19°C
  • Average Low: 8°C
  • Rain: 7 days


  • Average High:19°C
  • Average Low: 7°C
  • Rain: 8 days


  • Average High: 19°C
  • Average Low: 8°C
  • Rain: 11 days


  • Average High: 20°C
  • Average Low: 8°C
  • Rain: 10 days


  • Average High: 20°C
  • Average Low: 7°C
  • Rain: 6 days

FAQ for Event Venues in Bogotá

Bogotá is a vibrant city focused on ambition and growth. Major efforts to transform Bogotá into a modern and smart hub are in play. For example, The City of Bogotá launched Hub Blockchain Bogotá, a 2.3$ million investment programme for 100 companies working on blockchain-based solutions.  And it’s paying off. Colombia is ranked 4th globally for Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin trading volume. Forbes ranked Bogotá 7th in their list of the world’s biggest Bitcoin hotspots. Organising your company’s event in Bogotá offers plenty of opportunities to tap into this forward-thinking mentality. Plus, there are countless spaces suited for parties, workshops, conferences, hackathons and other types of events. Bogotá is also one of South America’s most accessible cities.
With us? Nope. We are an international team that can assist you in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Dutch. Spanish is spoken in Bogotá, but you can find some English speakers in tourist areas. We’re happy to lend a helping hand while you plan and host your event.
Generally speaking, the Northern part of the city is safer and more tourist-friendly. We recommend booking a hotel in one of the following neighbourhoods:
  • Chapinero (above “Carrera 15” and between “Calles 53 and 100”)
  • La Soledad
  • Quinta Paredes
  • El Recuerdo y Ciudad Salitre
  • La Candelaria 
For more info about each area, check out our Bogotá Neighbourhood guide. Spacehuntr can help you choose the perfect hotel for your stay.
Absolutely! We offer total or partial event production services, depending on your needs and budget. We can cover everything from event design and planning to stage design, logistics, branding, ticketing, catering, live streaming, special effects, and artistic programming of leading live or virtual events. Cherry-pick your needs and get in touch!
While Bogotá is increasingly safe, Colombia is still a developing country. As in all big cities, use common sense and don’t make yourself a target. Here are some of our top tips for an enjoyable visit:
  • Stick to popular tourist areas, especially at night. The safest regions are in the centre and north. 
  • Don’t use street taxis. Uber and DiDi are better alternatives.
  • Avoid walking home alone at night.
  • Choose a hotel with door security. 
  • Organise your event with a company that knows the local market.
If you’re considering hosting an event in Bogotá, we recommend planning it around other major events taking place in the city this year. Here’s our list of top events in 2022: