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Emily Weguelin
Emily Weguelin
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"I worked with the team to plan an event from London and had the most incredible service and experience. A highly professional and organised team, who were always one step ahead…"​
Ngoc Bui
Ngoc Bui
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"The service was excellent, friendly and efficient! Spacehuntr managed to find us the perfect venue within a very short time and I love how they really listen to meet every customer's need." ​​
Mahmoud Al Marei
Mahmoud Al Marei
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"Very impressed with the service! After landing on their site I was able to get direct chat support, a couple hours later they found me the perfect venue with amazing catering for a very good price." ​​

A Guide to Outdoor Events in Berlin

Here it is, your concise guide to outdoor events in Berlin. If you have any questions, our experts are on hand to help you out! 

The Best Areas in London to Host Outdoor events 

  • Friedrichshain – Friedrichsain is Berlin’s alternative and edgy darling. It’s a neighbourhood that has been the epicentre of the city’s major counter cultures. Although it’s grown up to be more accessible these days, it’s still the coolest place to be, being home to world-famous techno clubs like Berghain. This area is great for terraces, rooftops, and outdoor events with edge. 
  • Wedding – Wedding is the new place to be for artists and creatives. It’s just a little bit outside the noise and mayhem of the city, so it has a chill vibe too. While you’re there, the underground museum could be a good plan? It’s a sprawling underground history tour that is a rare opportunity. Outdoor events here have a more wholesome and suburban atmosphere,  with generally more spacious outdoor venues. 
  • Neukölln – Neukölln is Berlin’s cosmopolitan option. You’ll find it full of artists, immigrants, and exciting galleries, bars, and cafes. It’s a great area for a taste of local life and understated outdoor events. Thanks to its waterways it’s ideal for terraced events. 

How to Get to Your Outdoor Event in Berlin

The underground railway in Berlin is known as the U-Bhan. There are 10 lines with a total of 170 stations. The lines are operational from 4 AM to 1 AM. On Friday and Saturdays however, they run through the night at 15-minute intervals. 

If you want to get out into the suburbs, then the S-Bahn will take you there. The bus network is more wide-ranging still, with over 150 routes running from 4.30 AM to 1 AM. There are trams in Berlin too, but they serve the east side of the city mostly with 21 different lines. 

And finally, if you want to get around under your own steam, you’ll be happy to know that Berlin is a bike-friendly city. There is more than 650km of desiccated cycle paths throughout the city.


Public Transport

      • Buses: 300, 347. 
      • S-Bahn: S3, S7, S9. 
      • U-Bahn: U1, U3, U5.
      • Light Rail: M10.
      • Train: RB14, RE1, RE7.

Secure Parking Garages in Friedrichshain

      • Parkhaus Plaza Frankfurter Allee – Voigtstraße 2. 
      • Rathaus Garage – Silvio-Meier-Straße 15. 


Public Transport

      • Buses: 106, 120. 
      • U-Bahn: U6, U9..
      • Train: RE2, RE5, RE7. 

Secure Parking Garages in Wedding

      • Parkering Berlin – Müllerstraße 10-11.
      • Langtidsparkering Berlin – Kapweg 2.


Public Transport

      • Buses: 104, 166, M41.
      • U-Bahn: U7.
      • Train: RB14, RE1, RE7.

Secure Parking Garages in Neukölln

      • Karl-Marx-Straße 232 Garage – Karl-Marx-Straße 232
      • CONTIPARK Parkhaus Neukölln Arcaden – Erlanger Straße Neukölln Arcaden.

The Weather for Outdoor Events in Berlin

With cool mellow springs and autumn sandwiching hot summers, Berlin sure does have good weather for outdoor events. As you can see, from June through to the end of August you can expect average highs into the ‘20s(°C).


      • Average High: 3°C
      • Average Low: -2°C
      • Rain: 9 days 


      • Average High: 4°C
      • Average Low: -1°C
      • Rain: 7 days 


      • Average High: 9°C
      • Average Low: 1°C
      • Rain: 8 days 


      • Average High: 14°C
      • Average Low: 5°C
      • Rain: 7 days 


      • Average High: 19°C
      • Average Low: 9°C
      • Rain: 8 days 


      • Average High: 22°C
      • Average Low: 12°C
      • Rain: 8 days 


      • Average High: 24°C
      • Average Low: 15°C
      • Rain: 8 days 


      • Average High: 24°C
      • Average Low: 14°C
      • Rain: 8 days


      • Average High: 19°C
      • Average Low: 11°C
      • Rain: 7 days 


      • Average High: 14°C
      • Average Low: 6°C
      • Rain: 7 days 


      • Average High: 8°C
      • Average Low: 3°C
      • Rain: 8 days 


      • Average High: 4°C
      • Average Low: 0°C
      • Rain: 10 days

Great Catering Services for Outdoor Events in Berlin

Jolesch: Jolesch is Berlin cuisine with an Austrian twist. What they do is take a classical culinary framework and have fun with it. They also specialise in summer and courtyard parties. So, all in all, ideal for a fun outdoor event in Berlin. 

Avocai: Avocai is the premier lunch bowl caterer in Berlin. They love making bowls of food that look Instagram worthy and are bound to give you a real energy boost. They can offer you vegan food too as well as different cuisines from around the world. 

Genuss Kitchen: Genuss Kitchen are experts in wholesome food that radiates warmth. From delicious soups to fantastic bread. They pride themselves in their diversity and unique tailored approach. 

Where to Stay While in Berlin for Your Outdoor Event

Hotels in Friederichshain

Avante-garde Futuristic Hotel 

      • Prices start from €72
      • Star Rating: 4.2
      • Highlights: Futuristic design, panoramic views, large terrace, spa, art exhibitions. 

Hotels in Wedding

Green Hideaway in the Heart of Berlin 

      • Prices start from €68
      • Star Rating: 4.6 
      • Highlights: Eco-friendly, art nouveau style, laundry, TV, WiFi, pets allowed. 

Hotels in Neukölln

Fashion Themed Trendy Hotel 

      • Prices start from €54
      • Star Rating: 4.4
      • Highlights: Fashion themed design, laundry, WiFi, parking, pets allowed. 

FAQ for outdoor Rooms in Berlin

Indoor Venue with an Outdoor Attachment - There’s no venue with more dynamism than one that has both indoor and outdoor space. Especially in the much-loved city of Berlin. 


Top Pick: Huge White Event Space 


Riverside Terrace - The great thing about cities with prominent waterways is waterside terraces. Simply magical. 


Top Pick: Incredible Private Loft with Terrace

Of course, each venue has its own purposes and strengths. However, when it comes to outdoor venues in Berlin you’ll find a great deal of diversity. We have venues that are for work, such as meetings, receptions and so on. And we also have venues for play, especially outdoor after-work drinks and private dining. 

Outdoor venues in Berlin start at £50 per hour. The cost of each venue depends on a whole range of things. For example, the size of the venue, the amenities offered, and the strength of the location. If you’re curious to learn more about the pricing structure of outdoor venues in Berlin, please feel free to ask one of our experts.

Most Outdoor Venues in Berlin will either be a part of an indoor venue or have weather protection through temporary covering and/or heating elements. It’s important that you check with the venue or our local expert to confirm what protection the venue provides. If there is extra outdoor equipment you feel you need, you can hire a range of coverings and heaters in Berlin from Event Hire

It is common for venues to tailor layouts to your event’s needs and wishes. If this is important to your event it is important to ask about this before booking. Furthermore, if you wish to have additional furniture added to your outdoor venue you can rent a whole range of goods from Fiylo


Each venue will have its own cancellation policy. We advise that for outdoor venues however there is typically a 48 hour limit on refunds when it comes to cancellation. It’s generally advised with renting any venue is that the sooner you cancel the more likely you are to receive a refund.