How To Organise A Product Launch

by Fran,

6 February 2019

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How To Organise A Product Launch


Your company just developed a new product and you need people to buy it? You want to launch this new product the best way possible? Introducing your new product in the market is as important as developing it. Here are 5 tips to make your product launch the most exciting one of the year.

Event Venues

Host From a Unique Venue

Choosing THE right venue to launch your product or your service plays a crucial role in the success of the launch. You can have a look at this Launch Parties category to have some ideas. Everything has to be taken into account; capacity of the venue, the ambiance and importantly the location. In this light, try to choose a venue that is not too far for your customers, proximity is essential.

Create an Atmosphere

The atmosphere of the event impacts the message you want to send. Environment changes everything, make people feel comfortable and part of the event. The colours, the lighting, the design of the room, should all be carefully chosen.

Book your Event Venues

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Add Up Exclusivity

You can be exclusive by personalising your speech, giving them unique details or even by giving them samples. Work on being more personal to your guests. Also, try to put the focus on the people not the product. They have to feel privileged to attend your event.

Interact on Social Media

Social Media is a great tool to be more approachable for your guests. A great way to connect with your audience is by getting a personalized hashtag. However, please but ensure it is simple to use, as it is important for the guests to remember it when they need it. Also try to post lots of pictures and videos (you can even live stream) on all your social media channels. Make it your mission to have your event shared over the whole cyberspace.

Come Up With Activities

Get fun activities to do to keep your guests entertained and amused. They are here to have a great time. It should be a fun moment. They are also more likely to remember your event and speak and share about it if they had fun. You can for example, rent a vintage photo booth like JollyPhotoBooth, so that people have the occasion to share it on Instagram.

Featured image: Missile via unsplash

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