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You get stuff done (for real).

Spacehuntr Who?

We at Spacehuntr believe every business should be able to experience the most unique spaces to Work, Play & Stay.

As one of Brussels’ fastest-growing start-ups, Spacehuntr empowers businesses to discover, compare and book the most unique venues for all their meetings and conferences (Work), private dining, afterworks and workshops (Play) and accommodation (Stay) in a fraction of time.

Today, we are looking to add a Global Event Superhero to our sales team, ready to support our growing sales and further fuel our international expansion.

Your Global Superhero Tasks

As a Global Event Superhero, you will assist the sales team by following up on global deals. You will stay in close contact with our – amazing – clients and help them execute the most unique event. You will be the main contact for liaising between the client and our suppliers (venues, hotels, catering, etc) to make sure all information is well transmitted.

You will also mediate and find solutions when issues arise by being commercial, yet firm. You stay on top of all your deals anytime, anywhere whilst managing new client inquiries.

You have a commercial flair and are ready to close any lead when given the opportunity (you will get loads of them). Your personality is somewhere between a hunter and a farmer, where you do like to chase new clients but love, even more, to nurture and establish long-term client relationships by ensuring perfect execution of their event. You will also proactively follow up with your international client portfolio to maintain relationships and further fuel the pipeline.

A superhero is an understatement and it’s likely that some clients – we might too – will erect an iconic statue of you in their central hall (next to the unicorn).

You Are Our Superhero If

  • You are faster than the speed of light when it comes to writing emails and don’t shy away from making a few calls with clients.
  • Your inbox is always on zero and you go bonkers if it isn’t.
  • You are ambitious, and have a ‘can do’ mentality rather than a ‘yes but’ approach
  • You believe patience is a virtue for losers. Winners just get stuff done.
  • You (learned to) find solutions rather than excuses – Like they say at Nike, Just Do It!
  • You love to communicate – English is all we ask for (min. B2 level). But of course, we would love to learn about any other exotic language you speak.
  • You are a maniac when it comes to knowing the latest status of every request (you are the most structured one in the gang).
  • You want to discover new places for events whenever possible (especially the hidden ones).
  • You realize your limitations are only where your imagination stops.
  • Your friends call you crazy or nerdy but you find “normal” boring (we do too!!).
  • Work hard, play hard(er?) doesn’t sound too crazy for you.
  • You are ready to join an amazingly talented team that’s sprinkled off with a fine layer of craziness.

Sounds like you? Send us a letter or drop us an email. We occasionally receive pigeon posts (delivery address “best rooftop in Brussels”), but lately, we prefer drones. Or even better, just stop by for coffee and let’s have a chat. We are much more interested in you as a person than your CV!

What We Offer You

  • A full-time superhero job in one of Brussels’ fastest-growing startups that’s on its way to conquering the world of corporate events.
  • An open environment with loads of opportunities to grow as a professional (and as a person!).
  • As we grow, you will grow with us – for real!
  • An opportunity to work in a glorious team that managed to pull off the impossible over and over again – they are the true winners of the superhero master cup.
  • A team that’s (70%) international, loves rainbows (and afterworks) and is anything but dull. Simply put, they are just 100% amazing!

Sounds like something for you? Call us, email us, write to us. We love to get in touch! Hear from you soon? 

Francesca Pinder

[email protected]


And let's see what you got!