Top 10 Photoshoot Locations in Paris

by Dan Sherlock,

23 October 2020

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White gallery with light parquet flooring, white walls and large windows

Looking for the perfect location for your photoshoot? You’re in luck! This article brings together 10 of the best photoshoot locations in Paris. Whether you’re looking to shoot an entire fashion collection, or just get some top notch Instagram photos, we’ve got something for you.


Les Salons du Pre Catelan

Classic dining room with blue accents and lots of natural light

This wedgewood-style location, with large floor-to-ceiling windows, provides plenty of natural light and stunning greenery in the background.

This charming blue room makes a decent-size photo studio, large enough for 30 people. The beautiful chandelier paired with the exquisite detail bordering the room will provide your photoshoot with stunning character.

Plus, it’s just 5 minutes away from the Champs Elysées, so once you’ve finished your photoshoot, you can celebrate in style.

Find out more here.


Hotel Royal Madeleine

Luxurious hotel with splendid balconies overlooking Paris' skyline

Looking for a chic location with volumes of Parisian style inside and out? Hotel Royal Madeleine has you covered. 

Flush with autumnal colours, contrasted with sharp angular patterns, this hotel makes a statement.

Found at the heart of the 8th arrondissement, this romantic hotel is ideal meet-cute territory. Serving beautiful views and beautiful drinks, what’s not to love? 

Whether you need bedroom, restaurant or rooftop balcony shots, this hotel has it all. 

See more details here.


Galerie Joseph – 49 Tournelles

White gallery with light parquet flooring, white walls and large windows

Need a photo studio you can make your own? Galerie Joseph offers a pristine white gallery with industrial accents that beg for your creative touch. 

You’ll feel right at home shooting in the Haut Marais neighbourhood, which is renowned for its art galleries and fashion boutiques. 

This space is spread across two floors and boasts room for up to 300 people. If you have a large shoot, or just need room to breathe while you work, look no further. 

Check it out here.


Cafe Le Jardin du Petit Palais

Classic and majestic gallery in city centre of Paris

Seeking a location for your photo studio that’s as elegant as the subject of your photographs? The majestic Cafe le Sardin du Petit Palais provides just that… How many other venues come with elaborate ceiling murals? 

This huge space, flooded with natural light, blesses visitors with breathtaking views of the Grand Palais and the river Seine. 

This 600 capacity location is ideal for high class brands and shoots. If you need a set that’s fit for royalty, this glass-enclosed rooftop is perfect. 

Interested? Go here.


Generator Paris

Bohemian outdoor terrace and bar with a view

A rare find in Paris, this 9th floor rooftop offers rustic charm in handfuls. With incredible views of the city, including the Sacré-Cœur and Montmarte, there’s a lot to love about this space. 

Worried about the wind at this height? Don’t be. The canopy and glass panel borders stop pesky winds, and you won’t have to worry about models getting blinded by the sun either. 

With space for up to 110 people, this warm, atmospheric rooftop bar is a stunning and practical photoshoot location. 

Find it here.



Open event space with concrete floor and industrial poles

A radical change from most of the other locations on this list, this industrial warehouse will give any photoshoot a unique feel. 

Part of an old bronze factory, this gigantic, light-filled space features raw walls, concrete flooring and iron beams. The huge amount of space provides plenty of room for your photo studio equipment, and for models to get ready.

If you’re looking for a grungy location, or want your colours to explode against the rugged background, this industrial venue has just what you need. 

See more here.


Pavillon des Canaux

Cozy glasshouse with bohemian touch

This beautiful, canal-side house and patio area embody Hollywood romance and the City of Paris.

With natural light to boot, this location is charming inside and out. Colourfully decorated throughout and set before the glistening canal, this spot will add a little something special to your photoshoot. 

With space for up to 50 people, and more inside, this venue has everything you need. You’ll be delighted you chose it. 

Check it out here.


Rouchan Paris Plateau A

White photo studio for any photoshoot theme

If all you need is a BIG blank canvas to unleash your creativity upon, look no further. You can completely customise the location to set up a photo studio that’s truly your own.

With all the sound, light, video and photography equipment you could possibly ask for, this location strives to meet your needs at every turn. 

Plus, with a kitchen, shower, and hair and makeup room, you’re covered start to finish. 

What more could you ask for? 

See more details here.


Keys – Hotel de Montgascon

Marvelous villa with a classic, but colourful design for photoshoots

Pastel-coloured walls, detailed with gold leaf… Gournay wallpaper… Polished parquet flooring… If you’re looking for a photo studio that oozes regal luxury, there are few places as equipped as Hotel du Montgascon.

The princely Keys Mansion, located in the 7th arrondissement, boasts incredible interiors, with an idyllic garden and terrace to match. 

With space for up to 80 guests, a range of amenities, and all the charm you could want, this photoshoot location is perfect for creating work that demands attention.

Look at more stunning pictures here.


Musee Jacquemart Andre

Top 10 Photoshoot Locations in Paris

The Musée Jacquemart Andre screams class and style. This venue offers three rooms, each capable of holding up to 150 people, in addition to the terrace and courtyard. This location can handle almost any size shoot, and provide space for storage and preparation. 

Each room boasts its own special features. The main salon decorates its semi-circular layout with elegant design. The second room has high ceilings which add prestige and gravitas to the photoshoot. The final room benefits from the beautiful terrace which overlooks the courtyard. Whatever the needs of your photo studio, this venue can provide it.

If you need to shoot outside, this location is ready and willing. The large courtyard is lined with warm lightning and manicured bushes. The building wraps around the edges, resulting in a scene that’s truly fit for royalty. 

Take a look inside here.


Where are you going to hold your photoshoot?

Paris is abundant with incredible photoshoot locations. Whether you’re shooting streetwear at a royal mansion, or grand wedding cakes in a rugged industrial factory, there’s something for you. Which location would you like to turn into your photo studio? 

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