The 5 Best Meeting Rooms in Paris for Effective Team Meetings

by Dan Sherlock,

29 October 2020

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Right And Elegant Event Room With A Large Skylight

We can’t overlook the importance of team meetings. But, there’s no need to conduct your meeting in a bland boardroom. Paris has an abundance of functional options that also provide a stunning environment for you and your team.

These five meeting rooms represent some of the best spaces in Paris to hold effective team meetings that were worth attending.


Comet Étoile

Meeting venues with a quirky decor for creative encounters

Searching for ample space to conduct an effective, interactive meeting? Comet Étoile flips traditional business meeting rooms on their heads. Leave plain old boardrooms in the dust, and make your meetings count in this colourful, playful space. 

Ideal for brainstorming and group activities, your team will have all the equipment they need to work effectively together.

If you need breakout spaces, the venue has 18 different meeting rooms, which range from an intimate space for 2, to a large room for up to 50.

Located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, this unique space even features two terraces, a private loft, and a rooftop with a spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower.

Need to know more? Check this space out here.


Les Salons du Pré Catelan

Classic white meeting room with 'grandeur' and natural light

From the swirling carpet to golden artwork and a stunning skylight, this room embodies elegance and prestige.

The large windows bless the meeting room with views of the vibrant garden and plenty of natural light. Guests also have access to a superb terrace, so enjoy the beautiful greenery during breaks.  

But it doesn’t just look incredible; it’s also highly functional. Hire includes high-speed WiFi, stationery and audiovisual equipment. With space for 70 guests, this room can truly fulfil all your business meeting needs.

Want to conduct a meeting here? Find out more information here.



Meeting space with quirky touch

Do you hate dry and lifeless ‘business meeting rooms’? Good news, we have a charming space located in the centre of the 14th arrondissement of Paris. 

With a stunning bronze wall, floral murals, and a gorgeous timber table, this room invigorates brainstorming and problem-solving sessions. The comfy, velvety chairs add further splashes of colour.  

You can conduct a meeting here for up to 14 people, and this air-conditioned room also provides catering. Round off your day of effective teamwork with a delicious private dining experience!

Loving the atmosphere this space presents? Find out more about it here.


Salon Laetizia

Special location with round ceiling and white interior for team meetings

Are you searching for a sleek and comfortable space to conduct a meeting? This minimalist, professional meeting room facilitates collaboration and effective meetings. 

By eliminating distractions, this meeting room comes fully equipped with what you need: comfortable seating, a large working space, a 65” full HD screen, “ClickShare” technology, and the all-important endless coffee supply.

Perfect for presentations, board meetings and brainstorming sessions, the venues lies a mere minutes away from the Arc de Triomphe. 

Get more information here.


La Villa Maillot

Luminous space with glass walls and ceiling.

Love nature? Well, you’re in luck! Conduct a meeting surrounded by a vibrant garden in this fully-equipped business meeting room.

The floor-to-ceiling windows provide 180-degree views of lush greenery, so attendees are bound to be inspired. Working productively together as a team is easy here.

There’s space for up to 20 people, and the layout of the meeting room is flexible to your needs. And, when you need a break, there are common areas to relax and enjoy a hot drink.

Want to see more of this place? Click here.


Which meeting room are you planning on conducting your next meeting in?

Whether you need classy and elegant, or spacious and playful, there’s something for you on this list. We encourage you to step away from the traditional doctrine of what a ‘professional business meeting’ should look like, and find new ways of connecting and working together.

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