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10 Unique Auditoriums for Hire in Paris

by Dan Sherlock,

29 October 2020

10 Unique Auditoriums for Hire in Paris


Whether you have an audience of 50 or 5,000, we’ve found an auditorium for hire in Paris for you! Take your pick from rustic and green, to pristine and minimalist spaces. All of these spaces come with AV equipment and WiFi, so you’ll be set to produce an exceptional event.

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1) Bright and Beautiful Loft

Discover this beautiful loft on the edge of the Canal Saint-Martin. From concrete floors to wooden beams, this auditorium blends industrial, modern and rustic aesthetics flawlessly.

Up to 300 people can congregate in this warm corporate venue at once, and there are a mezzanine and garden for breakout spaces. 

As well as a fully equipped kitchen (with catering services available), this venue has AV equipment, LCD screen, a projector, sound equipment, microphones and even a DJ booth.


2) Colossal Auditorium in Paris for Large Events

Modern auditorium with comfortable red theatre seating
Colossal Auditorium in Paris for Large Events via Spacehuntr

Are you struggling to find venues for hire that meet the size of your audience? Problem solved. This colossal auditorium can accommodate up to 5,500 guests. 

This stunning venue comes with rows of bright red seats, state-of-the-art equipment, and an extensive lighting rig. Plus, the walkways are large enough for guests requiring wheelchair access.

Bonus? The venue lies just off la Villette in the 19th arrondissement of Paris; your attendees won’t have trouble getting to this conference venue.

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3) Spectacular Circular-Shaped Auditorium

Classic and historical auditorium in Versailles. Comes with beautiful patterned parquet flooring, pilars and eye-catching ceiling light
Spectacular Circular-Shaped Auditorium via Spacehuntr

This circle-shaped auditorium is in Versailles, on the edge of Paris. From incredible light fixtures to characteristic pillars, and beautiful wood flooring, it truly embodies style!

The venue can hold up to 100 people, depending on the setup, so you’ll have plenty of room for your audience. It also comes fully equipped with a projector, sound equipment and lighting, so you won’t need to bring your gear.


4) Impressive Dome for Events

Futuristic and luminous dome for events
Impressive Dome for Events via Spacehuntr

Imagine stepping on stage in a giant glass dome. You can thank the 20th-century modernist movement for this chance. This conference space is a true spectacle. 

With room for between 250 to 300 people across 428m2, this auditorium in Paris is perfect for small to medium-size events. The space includes a sound system and video projectors, and is also accessible for wheelchair users.


5) Royal Ballroom in Paris

Beautiful ballroom venue for large business festivities
Royal Ballroom in Paris via Spacehuntr

If you’re looking for an auditorium with that extra ‘something’, you’ve just found it. Welcome to this royal ballroom, a home of elegance, prestige and regal décor.

The luxurious conference venue in Paris is equipped with catering services, a valet service and locker rooms. You certainly won’t be left lacking here!


6) Multipurpose Space for Unique Events

Quirky location with parquet flooring, industrial structures and graffiti walls
Multipurpose Space for Unique Events via Spacehuntr

Have you been searching for a small auditorium that will roar you on? Well, this unique space comes with a beautiful mural of a tiger. Embody that tiger spirit, and you’ll be calm, confident, and engaging as you deliver your event.

The space is suitable for up to 50 people and can be set up according to your needs. Seeking audience collaboration? Opt for round tables. Planning a keynote? Ask for theatre-style rows of seats. 

The venue comes with a video projector, flat-screen TV, and high-speed internet. So you will have everything you need!


7) Glass Auditorium with Chic Decor

Spacious auditorium with floor-to-ceiling windows and a view of Paris
Glass Auditorium with Chic Decor via Spacehuntr

Want to hire a venue that’s as grand as the ideas you’re presenting? Well, this auditorium for hire in Paris has both style and exceptional views of the City of Lights.

Every aspect of the room maximises the building’s structure and natural light, which floods the 6-metre tall room. The chic chairs add flair to the professional look. 

Top-of-the-range equipment ensures everyone can see and hear you well. Plus, the stage is modular so that you can customise it to your needs. A maximum of 300 people can fit in this space, 200 if sat theatre-style. 


8) Ultra-Modern Auditorium in Paris

Futuristic auditorium with starlight ceiling
Ultra-Modern Auditorium in Paris via Spacehuntr

This bright, ultra-modern auditorium is an excellent choice for up to 350 people. With grey and orange tones, this sleek corporate venue provides a professional space with a large screen, projector and sound equipment. 

Located in Versailles, host small to medium events here if you’re looking for something a bit different; the starlight ceiling adds an extra layer of intrigue.


9) Rustic Venue

Cozy event space with a quirky design and glass roof
Rustic Venue via Spacehuntr

This warm, rustic venue has an inviting atmosphere that’s ideal for speakers who want to connect with their audience. With space for up to 150 people, this venue has everything you need for sound and visuals. 

Natural light pours in from the Mediterranean-style glass roof and indoor olive trees (more than one hundred years old!) bring the place to life. 

When it turns dark, hit the venue’s bar and celebrate your event with some cocktails.


Which is your ideal conference space?

Finding the right auditorium for hire in Paris can be a nightmare. This list offers a range of options that hopefully meet your needs or give you a better idea of what you want. Which venue looked the best for your upcoming event?

Dan Sherlock
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