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5 Cool Warehouses for Hire in Paris

by Harry Prince,

3 September 2021

Architectural Gem with a raw Design


Warehouses are fantastic! They’re an example of what we mean when we say corporate event venues don’t have to be dull.

That’s because there’s charm in the unexpected; in giving a generic space a new lease of life.

This article is for event planners looking for something unique. It’s a rundown of 6 cool warehouses for hire in Paris, each different from the last, each guaranteed to leave an impression on your guests.

We’ve got old ones, we’ve got newer ones; we’ve got pristine ones, we’ve got rustic ones. A style for every occasion, all you need to do is choose which one works best for you!

1. Charming Warehouse for Hire in Paris With Glass Roof

Charming event venue with a glass roof
Charming Warehouse for Hire in Paris With Glass Roof via Spacehuntr 

We’re kicking off our guide to cool warehouses for hire in Paris with this charming event venue.

Why charming, you ask? Well, for starters, there’s the Mediterranean glass roof, the 100 year old olive trees, the eclectic furniture, the bulb lights, the art, the old piano, and the bar, need we go on?

This venue is perfect for after-works, conferences, private dining, workshops, receptions and more. You’ll have a maximum capacity of up to 150 people and have superb amenities such as catering options, music and sound equipment, a projector, and WiFi.

2. Architectural Gem for Warehouse Events in Paris

Architectural gem with a raw design
Architectural Gem for Warehouse Events in Paris via Spacehuntr 

For the nostalgists out there, check out this architectural gem for your next warehouse event in Paris.

It’s an old industrial space that looks like a friendly barn with huge wooden roof beams and quaint exposed brick walls. It’s perfect for contemporary corporate events, thanks to some deft renovations.

It’s a true blank canvas venue augmented by great amenities such as sound and music equipment, a projector, catering services, WiFi, and colourful furniture arrangements.

What’s more, it’s located a short walk away from Mairie de Montreuil metro station, and finally, it’s got a standing capacity of 400 people and a seated capacity of 240 people.

3. Remarkable Warehouse Venue in Paris With Tons of Daylight

Remarkable industrial space with tons of daylight 
Remarkable Warehouse Venue in Paris With Tons of Daylight via Spacehuntr

Up next, we have a remarkable warehouse venue in Paris with tons of natural daylight. It’s located right in the heart of the 20th arrondissement and sports a light-hearted industrial character.

It’s full of warmth and light, thanks to the expansive antique windows. In total, you’ll have 250m2, full of quirky decorations, a mezzanine, and an open-form second floor for an event with more depth.

What’s more, you’ll have superb lighting equipment, a projector, music and sound equipment, catering options, a bar, WiFi, and versatile furniture arrangement. And finally, you’ll have a standing capacity of 225 people and a seated capacity of 150 people.

4. Warehouse Venue in Paris with an Inspiring Atmosphere

Industrial urban space with an inspiring atmosphere bathed in natural light.
Warehouse Venue in Paris with an Inspiring Atmosphere via Spacehuntr 

Moving on, we have this warehouse venue in Paris that is a little bit more rugged. Its inspiring atmosphere is like the dramatic movie set of a captivating gangster film.

This former bronze factory glows with natural light from its many skylights. It has concrete floors, untouched industrial features, and fascinating internal office huts that watch over the entire space.

This is another blank canvas venue where you can host any kind of venue you’d like. And finally, you’ll have 500m2 of space, supplemented by a beautiful courtyard, music and sound equipment, a kitchen, and a projector.

5. Former Sewing Shop for Warehouse Events in Paris

Former sewing workshop for events featuring a raw industrial style.
Former Sewing Shop for Warehouse Events in Paris via Spacehuntr

Our final warehouse venue in Paris is this former sewing workshop. Like our previous entry, its charm comes from its untouched rustic appeal. And to pile on the charm even further, it’s located near the Canal Saint-Martin in the 10th arrondissement.

Your guests will love the historic feel, made all the brighter – literally – by the large skylights. The low hanging neon lights emphasise its atmospheric qualities, with the iron pillars, high ceilings, and concrete floors accentuating the authentic industrial feel.

It’s a 460m2 blank canvas for you to let your imagination run free, ideal for conferences, pop-ups, exhibitions, workshops, and more.

Wrapping up

So there it is – the coolest warehouses for hire in Paris. And if you’re still hungry for more unique venues, you can check out the rest of our conferences rooms in Paris on our platform.

And once you’ve chosen your favourite, you’ll need to figure out how you’re going to feed your guests, right? Well, how about booking one of the best catering companies in Paris for your private events?

Harry Prince
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