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Best Photoshoot Locations in London

by Catalina Reano,

8 October 2020

Best Photoshoot Locations in London


London is chock-full of amazing locations to take wonderful photographs. But having so many options for your photoshoot can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

You want to make sure you choose a venue that is going to work with you, either as a blank canvas or as a backdrop. Ideally, you’ll want a place with good lighting, and flexible spaces that you can transform and make your own.

So, where are these perfect venues in London? Don’t fret, here you’ll find some of the best venues for a photoshoot. Included are blank canvas spaces that can be turned into anything you wish, as well as some unique spaces with a personality of their own!

Photoshoot Rooms


Raw industrial warehouse

Industrial open space with graffiti wall
Raw industrial warehouse via Spacehuntr

These 2 raw industrial warehouses have the endless flexibility needed for a photoshoot. Together they total 6,000 sq. ft. of blank canvas space that you can completely transform into any backdrop you require, and they can be booked together or individually. They’re perfect for setting up complex film sets with props and rigging or minimalistic backdrops for fashion photoshoots. 

If you’re feeling extra creative, ask them about their boat venue or their outdoor terrace. Although not blank canvas spaces, they also are fabulous settings for photoshoots. They offer catering, and have an excellent PA system and projectors at your disposal should you need them.


Repurposed historic venue

Gorgeous white event venue for creative events
Repurposed historic venue via Spacehuntr

This repurposed factory was once used for making the first motor car to travel 100 miles in 1 hour, and producing cars and tanks that aided in the war effort during WWI and WWII. The massive warehouses have now become beautiful light-filled studios designed for events and photoshoots. 

It has 4 interconnected spaces with high ceilings, massive windows and big sprawling floors that allow for versatile set-ups without problem. Every studio has its own hair and make-up area, and direct access to the garden.  

Book Your Photoshoot Rooms

in London
Safe venue

So many choices in one place

Film, photo and event location studio
Multipurpose venue via Spacehuntr

This old warehouse built in 1930 is now the home to a 4-floor studio that includes a 1,500 sq. ft. roof-top and a garden. They have conserved the building in a raw, and rugged state to give it a bohemian, industrial character – perfect for a photoshoot! Each floor has its own kitchenette, additional to the main kitchen. There is also a rock-star pad, a conservatory and a bistro. 


An edgy space

Old Victorian pub with statement pieces
Edgy space via Spacehuntr

An old Victorian bar-turned-studio, this venue is as eclectic as they come. It consists of 4 floors filled with a mix of wall finishes, furniture, props & art work that you can use as creatively as you wish. This makes it a favourite for fashion and editorial shoots, as it can be made to look edgy without much effort. 

Additionally, its large windows give it excellent natural light and highlight the different textures and colours that make this bohemian venue so unique.


Elegant and transformable space

Japan-inspired venue with a modular set-up
Transformable space via Spacehuntr

This Japanese styled venue offers elegance and versatility. They have an incredible blank canvas hall that is completely transformable and even has retractable seating. This makes it perfect not only for a photoshoot but also for a fashion show, or a reception.


Stark white canvas

Versatile blank canvas in the heart of West London
Stark white canvas via Spacehuntr

This space is the most versatile blank canvas you can find in Central London. It has completely white walls and a floor-to-ceiling window that looks out onto the street. Additionally, downstairs it offers an extra 2,000 sq. ft. of pristine open plan space and great lighting, perfect for setting up creative backdrops for all kinds of photoshoots. 


Glam and glitz for your pics

 Hip and contemporary hotel for you stay in London
Glam venue via Spacehuntr

This modern hotel is perfect if you’re looking for a photoshoot location that is already set up. Its sleek décor is made up of plush leather and velvet armchairs, wooden centre tables, and glitzy chandeliers. Its rich muted colours create a perfect backdrop for a glamourous photoshoot.

It’s perfectly situated next to the Tower of London, so if you want some outdoor pics, this is definitely the place! It’s just walking distance from some of London’s most iconic sites.


All in one venue

Best Photoshoot Locations in London
All in one venue via Spacehuntr

Located on top of an old box factory, this studio has maintained its mostly raw and rugged appearance, making it perfect for photoshoots. It offers 7,200 sq. ft. of floor space, including a make-up room and a large kitchen. This means that you can produce your whole shoot on site! 

It also has a huge variety of eclectic props, furniture, and decorations that you can use when building your backdrops.


The picture-perfect city!

Every photoshoot is unique and has its own creative concept from the very beginning. Having a clear idea of what you’re going to do and what kind of space you need is vital for your photoshoot to successfully translate from the drawing board into reality.A blank space venue offers you the versatility you need to create your own environments, but there are also some great places in London with a distinctive personality that can strengthen your concept. What kind of space would you choose?

Having so many different spaces in one venue allows for interesting and engaging photos, so be sure to make full use of everything this venue has to offer! If you want to see more, take a look at the most Instagrammable venues in London.

Catalina Reaño
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