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Interview: Gaming Team-Building with Splitscreen

by Harry Prince,

21 January 2021

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Some people just can’t hack working for someone else. Some people need to go out and do their own thing. And we thank our luck for those people because they make the world that bit less boring.

It can take years to figure it out and take the leap. For our friend Alexandre, it took just one year of work to create Splitscreen.

Splitscreen is all about social gaming. Their dream is to build a co-gaming lounge. Each table will have three menus: for gaming, for the bar, and for food. An invention all of their own, it’s the ultimate adult arcade and lounge.

Alexandre’s bravery, passion, and hard work have culminated in a cool new concept. If you want to reach the same cool boss standard, start by booking them for your next team building activity.

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Starting Out

Do you remember your first love? For Alexandre, it was for a plucky little console called the Gamecube, and a game called Zelda: Windwaker.

As it stands, he is 28 years old, and in his last year of studying Programming. In his own words, “I’ve been an IT guy since I was 12 years old”. After joining the IT workforce in 2016, he decided to spread his entrepreneurial wings a year later.

Things have happened quite fast for Splitscreen since that’s for sure. The idea came about in 2018, and they launched at the end of 2019.

Spacehuntr was actually part of one of Splitscreens proudest achievements! In 2020, Splitscreen tested their office game space in a coworking space in Brussels. Our team were one of the many companies who tested and gave feedback on the concept.

In short, it proved to Alexandre and everyone else what he had already known: it worked, and there’s a need for it.


The Triforce

You’ll have heard the age-old advice that you should make your passion your vocation. And that is exactly what Alexandre has done. You probably think that he’s built a company where he gets to play video games at his leisure all day.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. He recalled speaking to his colleagues recently saying, “We don’t play enough, this is meant to be our business.”

His two colleagues and business partners – David and Yana – have been dear friends for ten years. In his words, they are the triforce from the Zelda series.

They compliment each other, as Alexandre admits, “My problem is that I don’t have a business mind, not at all. I’m team-minded, and game minded.” David and Yana more than make up for that with their business accruement.

One of their secrets is that they use their ‘non-gaming’ colleague Yana as a sounding board to test their ideas. She is like a lot of their clients when it comes down to it.

In other words, she keeps them on a tight leash if their ideas become too inaccessible to the novice. Every company should have a Yana.

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The Stereotype…

Don’t act like you don’t know what we’re talking about when we say certain stereotypes are associated with gamers. It’s a big challenge, but Splitscreen is fighting the good fight.

“Everyone is a gamer, but not everyone is aware of it”. A bold statement. But we all have phones, right? Have you ever played Candycrush? Alexandre has a point: those games qualify, too.

So don’t bark at the so-called geeks, because they’ll bark back: “There is an idea that gamers are just people staying at home doing nothing. We enjoy challenging that through our Instagram activity and events”.


Your Next Best Team Building Activity

Is the agony of losing worth the ecstasy of winning? The answer has to be yes, despite how loudly and smugly a winner can taunt you. There’s always next time and the promise of a different outcome.

The bond between people in the thrill of competition is impossible to manufacture. And Splitscreen does a marvellous job of setting this organic composition up for you. Or, if you want a more relaxed and coral gaming experience, just ask – gaming can be leisurely too.

When it comes to events, there is generally a set menu. You can book the classics they know folk will love: Time Crisis, racing games with steering wheels and fighting arcade games.

Call of Duty and Mario Kart are commonly requested. You can ask for whatever you want. The set up depends on the size and type of the venue, and who it’s for. They do their research.

Companies across the world put stock in quality team bonding activities. And Splitscreen has strong arguments to make for their events and spaces. Alternative team-building activities can lead to more company-investment in the company; more genuine bonds amongst colleagues; better feeling towards their company; and greater productivity.

What’s more, there’s research to suggest that gaming can enhance skills; from communication to cooperation and problem-solving. Their biggest challenge is convincing “old fashioned bosses” who don’t trust employees.


Innovation and COVID-19

Of course, like a lot of the world, business slowed down during 2020. It affected them “Really, a lot. Deeply, a lot. Everything has stopped.” Which is painful, considering they have been building so much momentum.

But, they’ve adapted, innovated, and hustled throughout. They’ve spent time entrenching their adaptability to cloud gaming with months of testing.

Splitscreen can now host team-building events from the comforts of home. All you need is an app – they use Parsec – and Zoom. It’s a 2-hour session led by the in-house masters.

Alexandre described it as a good foundation for times to come, going as far as to say, “We’re building an ecosystem.” They’ve also developed their website and apps in light of COVID-19.


The Future of the Gaming World

“In the early 2000s, gaming was social, and now, it’s just not. And when it is, it exists online.”

Alexandre sees the future of gaming as one that exists on clouds and gaming services.

Hardware, even now, is becoming a thing of the past. But Splitscreen’s team-building services are all the more special by indulging nostalgia. Retro machines are huge. People love using their beloved old consoles.

In fact, the Splitscreen team spent a lot of time hunting down classic machines for their parties and corporate events.


Wrapping up

What’s so endearing about Splitscreen is that they don’t gatekeep their passion. They want to share its magic and benefits with everyone.

There’s no pretentiousness, where they are masters, and we are noobs (politely, the uninitiated). It’s a real case of young people creating productivity from their passion.

If you’re into unique and hands-on team building activities like this, why not check out our guide to urban farming for your next team building activity?

Interview: Gaming Team-Building with Splitscreen
Splitscreen via Facebook


Featured image: Splitscreen via Splitcreen

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