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5 Unconventional Panel Discussion Venues in Bogotá

by Harry Prince,

30 June 2022

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Welcome, event planners, to our guide to unconventional panel discussion venues in Bogotá.

For those that want to stand out from the crowd, elevate their brand, and set the tone for a panel discussion in Bogotá that simply can’t be missed.

Down below we’ve got everything from Art Nouvause theatres, to exciting rooftop party spaces, so whatever your theme or your brand, we’ve got something down below that will do you right.

So get reading, enjoy, and pick your favourite. It’s as easy as that!

1. Expressive Venue With Artistic Aesthetic For a Panel Discussion in Bogotá

 Xpressive Enue Ith Rtistic Esthetics
Expressive Venue With Artistic Aesthetic For a Panel Discussion in Bogotá via Spacehuntr

First up on our tour of panel discussion spaces in Bogotá is this expressive venue with a very distinctive artistic aesthetic.

Your guests will be amazed before they even hear the first speaker, with the remarkable Art Nouveau facade.

Therein, they enter the oldest existing theatre space in the city. It’s grandeur and more, with a stunning wooden mezzanine viewing gallery, splendid chandeliers, an extravagant stage space, and hand-crafted mouldings.

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And plus, it’s a blank canvas venue with versatile furnishings, projectors, sound equipment, and excellent Wi-Fi.

2. Funky Rooftop Panel Discussion Space in Bogotá

Funky rooftop venue with incredible views
Funky Rooftop Panel Discussion Space in Bogotá via Spacehuntr

Changing pace from the classical, we have a funky rooftop in the upmarket area of El Chico.

This is a panel discussion space in Bogotá that is hip, unconventional, and perfect for startups and cutting-edge talks.

Atop this building, through the floor-to-ceiling windows, you’ll have both stunning views as well as an abundance of natural light.

It’s stylish too, with sleek wooden flooring, velvet furniture, and beautiful floral decorations.

Plus, it comes with a private bar, great catering, top-quality sound equipment, and high-speed Wi-Fi.

3. Historical Panel Discussion Venue in Bogotá With Gorgeous Decor

 Istorical Enue Ith A Orgeous Ecor
Historical Panel Discussion Venue in Bogotá With Gorgeous Decor via Spacehuntr

Our next location is this historical panel discussion venue in Bogotá with gorgeous decor.

This slice of grandeur is a stunning example of Italian design. There are so many remarkable fixtures for your guests to admire here. Our particular favourites are the polished wooden flooring, vintage furnishings, original ceilings frescos, hand crafter mouldings, marble pilasters, and the Steinway piano to name but a few!

Capacity-wise you’ll have a total capacity of 100 people. And finally, you’ll have great amenities such as drinks services, versatile furniture arrangements, excellent Wi-Fi, and delicious catering options.

4. Charming Glasshouse With Vertical Gardens For a Panel Discussion in Bogotá

Charming glasshouse with vertical gardens
Charming Glasshouse With Vertical Gardens For a Panel Discussion in Bogotá via Spacehuntr

If you have more whimsical taste, then this charming glasshouse with its vertical gardens will be your ideal panel discussion space in Bogotá.

The magical tone is set by the grey-silver colour motif, with the star feature being the glass-domed ceiling. We also love the dream-like floral decorations and spacious garden patio.

You’ll find it in the North of the city, away from the intensity of urban life. Capacity-wise, you’ll be able to host an event of 80 people here. And finally, you’ll also have terrific catering options, first-class sound equipment, and excellent WiFi.

5. Lustrous Panel Discussion Space in Bogotá

 Ustrous All For Ultiple Vents
Lustrous Panel Discussion Space in Bogotá via Spacehuntr

Our final selection for your panel discussion in Bogotá is housed in a beautiful building of the Neoclassical style, dating back 19th-century.

You’ll find this lustrous hall in the heart of the city, sporting a sleek interior makeover. This large hall has a distinctive blank canvas aesthetic meaning you can build the stage design as you like it.

We love the polished wooden flooring, the stylish industrial-style roof beams, and the dance studio mirrors that run the length of the hall.

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Plus, this venue comes with a Steinway piano, a projector, a screen, a superb sound system, microphones, and a drinks service. And finally, capacity-wise, you’ll be able to host a panel discussion for up to 120 people.

Wrapping up

And that will do it for today folks. We hope you’ve found your perfect panel discussion venue in Bogotá up above.

If you’re hungry for even more venues in Bogotá then we have loads more, just follow the link and browse at your leisure.

And if you want your panel discussion recorded for future marketing, you’ll want to read our guide on how to choose an event videographer in Bogotá.

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