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5 Inspiring Venues in Bogotá For Work Discussions

by Harry Prince,

29 July 2022

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Hello there, today we’re going to share with you our favourite discussion spaces in Bogotá.

Here you’ll see something to suit every style, from the historical to the modern; and intimate to expansive.

So get reading and enjoy, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for!

1. Funky Rooftop Work Discussion in Bogotá

Funky rooftop venue with incredible views
Funky Rooftop Work Discussion in Bogotá via Spacehuntr

So here we go, our first discussion space in Bogotá is this funky rooftop in the heart of the city.

It’s oh so stylish, with sleek wooden flooring, velvet furniture, and charming flower arrangements.

And with the floor-to-ceiling windows, you’ll have unrivalled panoramic views of the city to enjoy.

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Plus, it comes with a private bar, great catering, first-class music equipment, and high-speed WiFi.

2. Enchanting Venue For a Work Discussion in Bogotá With A Picturesque Outdoor Space

Enchanting event venue with picturesque outdoors
Enchanting Venue For a Work Discussion in Bogotá With A Picturesque Outdoor Space via Spacehuntr

Changing direction completely, our next venue for your work discussion in Bogotá is far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Here we have an enchanting location, bursting with historical charm, built over 200 years ago, and will serve as an extremely classy venue to host boardroom meetings with a sense of gravitas.

Your discussions here will command respect, and carry an air of class, with fixtures that wouldn’t feel out of place in a museum, such as the polished wood flooring, historical artefacts and antique furniture paired with ample sunlight from the old-fashioned windows.

And plus, the picturesque garden is the perfect place to take leisurely lunches or well deserve breaks.

3. Beautiful Team Discussion Space in Bogotá With Farmhouse Vibes

 Eautiful Pace Ith Arm Ouse Ibes
Beautiful Team Discussion Space in Bogotá With Farmhouse Vibes via Spacehuntr

If you liked the previous team discussion space in Bogotá, then you’ll almost certainly like this one.

Here’s another slice of idyllic country life – but this time, we’re right in the heart of the city. Yes, say hello to this stunning location with its sincere farmhouse vibes.

This venue has undergone a gentle renovation, giving it sleek fixtures, while still maintaining its historical pedigree.

Your guests will love the new shining wooden flooring, large panoramic windows, historical roof beams, and the marvellously decorated garden space.

Plus, it comes with all the amenities you could need for a boardroom meeting, such as flipcharts, TVs, projectors, sound equipment, excellent WiFi, catering, and more.

4. Historical Discussion Space in Bogotá With Gorgeous Decor

 Istorical Enue Ith A Orgeous Ecor
Historical Discussion Space in Bogotá With Gorgeous Decor via Spacehuntr

And just because we love them, here’s another historical discussion space in Bogotá, complete with gorgeous, neo-classical Italian decor.

As you can see, there are some remarkable features here, such as ceiling frescos, hand-crafted mouldings with gold leaf, polished wood flooring, towering ceilings, and a Steinway piano.

It has versatile furniture arrangements, with a host of antique pieces at your disposal. Plus, you’ll have a maximum capacity of 100 people, as well as lovely catering, drinks services, high-quality staffing, and high-speed WiFi.

5. Urban Space For a Work Discussion in Bogotá With a Shared Terrace

Urban Room With a Shared Terrace
Urban Space For a Work Discussion in Bogotá With a Shared Terrace via Spacehuntr

And alas, this is our final discussion space in Bogotá for today. We’re leaving you with this intimate and urban room with a stunning terrace.

It’s in a great location, right around the corner from the enigmatic 93 park. The venue itself is tranquil and ergonomically designed, with lots of natural light, floor-to-ceiling windows, comfy furniture, and a super cool interior terrace.

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in Bogotá
Omet Ouise Jpg


This location comes with a TV, a projector, a screen, a sound system, and an excellent WiFi connection. And finally, you’ll have a total capacity of 14 people.

Wrapping up

So there you have it, our guide to the best discussion space in Bogotá. And for any other event you’re planning, make sure to check out the rest of our Venues in Bogotá, we’ve got a location for every occasion.

And before you go, you need to read our guide to sustainable event initiatives in Bogotá. The perfect companion to convince people that the capital of Colombia is the place to be!

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