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5 Quirky private dining venues in Berlin

by Harry Prince,

4 May 2022

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As well all know, there’s more to food than just taste; presentation matters too. That’s why you need to read our guide to quirky private dining venues in Berlin.

Cool corporate event spaces are our thing, so you’re in safe hands. And plus, we’re talking about Berlin, one of the most incredible cities in the world!

As for this little selection below, it’s as diverse as cuisine itself, with rustic and intimate spaces to modern and lively locations proudly on display.

So without further ado, we hope you find what you’re looking for, and we’ll see you in the conclusion for some bonus expert advice!

1. Fabulous Private Dining Space in Berlin

Fabulous Private Dining Space in Berlin via Spacehuntr 

So kicking us off, we have this fabulous private dining venue in Berlin. It’s ideal for a team looking for a sleek and contemporary experience.

Your guests will love the heavy wood accents. From the floor to the furniture, there are plenty of refined wooden fixtures to admire.

There are tall windows too, running the length of the main room, allowing for lots of natural light. This private dining space in Berlin is ambient, with stylish drop-down lights and a large fireplace with stacks of wood ready to be cast onto the fire.

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There’s also a stunning kitchen island and three luxury suits to enjoy breakout sessions and lounging chats. And finally, you’ll be able to accommodate up to 20 people here.

2. Colourful and Versatile Private Dining Venue For Hire in Berlin

 X Big Px Studio Eyecandy April
Colourful and Versatile Private Dining Venue For Hire in Berlin via Spacehuntr

If your style is a bit more colourful and playful, then you’ll love our next private dining space in Berlin: our versatile loft space by the river Spree.

It’s bound to draw in the curiosity of your guests, being built in a historical S-Banh bow. Underneath this nostalgic brick archway, there is an array of retro decorations in a medley of pastel colours.

What’s more, the large windows bask the space in natural light and offer pretty panoramic views of the riverside. And finally, over the 180m2, you’ll have a total capacity of 25 people.

3. Bright and Versatile Private Dining Venue in Berlin

Bright and versatile industrial studio
Bright and Versatile Private Dining Venue in Berlin via Spacehuntr

Now here’s one for those looking for something rustic and edgy. It’s our bright and versatile private dining venue in Berlin.

You’ll find it in a central location and in an untouched industrial style. Since it was first built, the only changes added have been the cosy and vintage decorations. It’s bursting with daylight as well, thanks to the enormous windows.

It’s full of character thanks to the tall ceilings, and there’s depth to events here thanks to the different spaces and corners like the main hall, fully functional kitchen, private meetings rooms and the stage. It’s spacious too, at 340m2, and allows for a total capacity of up to 100 people.

4. Huge White Private Dining Space in Berlin

Huge White Private Dining Space in Berlin via Spacehuntr

Alternatively, if you’re interested in pristine, uncluttered, dream-like locations, then you’ll love this huge white private dining space in Berlin.

This venue sits right on the river, so you’ll have dinner with panoramic views, with floor-to-ceiling windows directly overlooking the water and the beautiful trees of the local park.

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in Berlin
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As well as being spacious at 300m2, it’s totally customisable too, meaning you can make it a private dining event that is so much more than a meal. And finally, you’ll have a total capacity of 220 people.

5. Wonderful Private Dining Venue For Hire in Berlin

Wonderful Private Dining Venue For Hire in Berlin via Spacehuntr 

And just like that, we’ve reached our final private dining venue in Berlin already. And what a way to go out with this wonderful loft space.

Private dining experiences here will be full of culture, with a menagerie of art on the walls and a host of bespoke decor and furniture to admire.

It’s a social space with an island kitchen, private lounger areas, open plan lounge areas, and a host of amenities like TVs, music equipment, projectors, and high-speed WiFi.

And finally, capacity-wise, you’ll have a standing capacity of 200 people and a seated capacity of 80 people.

Wrapping up

So ends our guide into quirky private dining rooms in Berlin. Short and sweet, right? But as we said in the intro, it’s time for some bonus expert advice: our 8 proven tips to successful remodel your restaurant. Enjoy!

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