Top 10 Workshop Spaces in Amsterdam

by Catalina Reano,

22 October 2020

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Top 10 Workshop Spaces in Amsterdam


There are plenty or workshop spaces in Amsterdam. And finding the right one isn’t always easy, as every workshop is unique and has its own set of requirements. It’s not the same to plan for an oil-painting workshop than to look for the perfect space for a team-building exercise.

A lot of factors come into play when looking for the right venue. Not only the type of activities you will be doing but the size of your group, the length of your workshop and the amenities that you need to have on hand. Will you need catering? Will you need disabled access? Do you need breakout rooms? All of these aspects are important to keep in mind before hiring a venue.

Amsterdam has some outstanding venues for workshops. They each stand out for their unique style and excellent services. Check out our list of the top 10 workshop spaces in Amsterdam and choose the one that best fits your event.


1) Moxy Amsterdam Houthavens

Brainstorming room with a view
Moxy Amsterdam Houthavens via Spacehuntr

With a fabulous view of the harbour, this top-floor meeting room is perfect for meeting with your team away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while staying within reach of the comforts of modern life. Its retro décor consists of simple, yet comfortable furniture and solid, comforting colours that give the space an inviting and cosy vibe.

The floor-to-ceiling windows give it amazing lighting all day long and the whiteboard wall allows you to take notes on the go. This makes the space perfect for a brainstorming session or a workshop. Designed to really let you and your group feel at home.


2) Hotel Casa Conference Room

Bright and industrial location for all sorts of gatherings
Hotel Casa Conference Room via Spacehuntr

This unusual meeting room is ready-made for a tall order. The 5m high ceiling gives the space an airy and open feel, and windows that cover a whole wall let natural light pour in.

The layout of the room is completely flexible, and it can even be joined with another space to increase the capacity. This contemporary venue has minimalistic furnishings that draw attention to the high-tech features that it offers. High-speed Wi-Fi, a projector, audio system, a microphone and a blackout screen are just some of the technological benefits that come with this venue. A great choice for workshops, seminars and team meetings!


3) The Penthouse at Bouncespace

 Spacious multipurpose venue with a trendy design
The Penthouse at Bouncespace via Spacehuntr

This penthouse venue is known for its quirky décor and repurposed furniture. Old army tables and chairs can be set up in a boardroom or classroom style, and there’s a small retro living room beside the fully-equipped kitchenette for your team to take a tea & coffee break. There are also two little balconies that add space and allow for a quick breath of fresh air.

The barista that welcomes you on the ground floor is there to help you set up the Wi-Fi connection (which is top-notch) and other tech details for your presentation or event. The venue comes equipped with two screens, a sound system, a flip-over board, notebooks, pens, post-its and markers. You also have the option of contracting the catering directly with them so you have nothing to worry about except diving right into your workshop!


4) Attic of Limmikhof

Wooden attic for casual brainstorms, workshops and more
Attic of Limmikhof via Spacehuntr

This authentic wooden attic is ideal for teams looking to get away and spend an afternoon completely disconnected from the noise of the city. Comprising 350m2 of flexible space, it can be adapted to become anything you want or need for your workshop or team away-day. The roof, a historical element of the building, is also built of wood and has huge skylights that let natural light flood the space.

Featuring a fully equipped kitchen, and useful tools such as a projector and screen, a mobile sound system and mic, a light installation, a laptop should you need it; this space is the perfect little hideaway in the heart of Amsterdam.  It can be divided into smaller breakout rooms and is even wheelchair accessible!


5) Chateau Amsterdam

 Unique distillery for business meetings
Chateau Amsterdam via Spacehuntr

If you’re looking for a unique place to conduct a workshop, this is the venue for you! Set-up between wine barrels and distillery tanks, this winery offers its innermost sanctum for you to make the magic happen. The industrial creative vibe is sure to rub off on your team as you work together.

This elegant setting offers an impressive cinema screen, a premium film projector and a professional audio setup. They also have steady Wi-Fi and tea & coffee for your whole team. They offer an excellent catering service should you need it, so don’t hesitate to hire them if you’re staying the whole day!


6) Studio Automat

Industrial location with a modern interior for corporate gatherings
Studio Automat via Spacehuntr

This edgy and hip boardroom venue is designed to encourage your team to think outside the box. It allows for a flexible layout, meaning you can set up the space for a presentation, a workshop, a brainstorming session or a boardroom meeting. It also has breakout spaces and a kitchenette, so tea, coffee and snacks are par for the course!

The workshop space comes with a large flatscreen projector, Wi-Fi and a flipchart. If you and your team are in for the long haul, be sure to hire their catering service – they offer healthy home-made lunches that include fresh fruit and seasonal ingredients. They also keep their fridge stocked with drinks, sodas and even a few beers, so dig in!


7) Zoku

large, bright and flexible event space
Zoku via Spacehuntr

This massive venue consists of 234m2 of chic space for you to adapt to your exact needs. Its big windows and soft lighting scheme make it a warm and inviting place for any type of event. A reception or private dinner would be perfect here thanks to the two on-site kitchens. However, the possibilities don’t end there. This space is ideal for a presentation, product launch or a workshop thanks to the open and versatile layout of the room, which can be divided up into smaller areas with curtained dividers.

The furniture is minimalistic, yet comfortable and the whole space can fit up to 175 people. You also have access to the rooftop terrace where you and your group can take a break and take in the view of the canal. The venue comes equipped with Wi-Fi, a sound system, and a projector.


8) Impact Hub

Clean and professional space for meetings
Impact Hub via Spacehuntr

This whitewashed space is specifically designed to eliminate distractions and connect you with nature. Conveniently located on the first floor, it overlooks Oosterpark and the gardens surrounding the building. This allows for a sense of serenity and peace to permeate the room and dissipate any outside elements that might detract from your teams work that day.

Its clean décor has the occasional pop of colour to bring life and boost creativity, and the high ceilings and windows allow for light and air to flow freely throughout the room. It comes equipped with a projector and screen, a speaker and Wi-Fi – the basic elements for a productive workshop or brainstorming session. No frills, no distractions, just peace and quiet.


9) MOMA & CO

Cosy think tank with quirky design
MOMA & CO via Spacehuntr

This quirky little venue is designed to look like a cosy living room. It has comfy couches, cushions, puffy armchairs and blankets. It’s the perfect setting for a brainstorming problem-solving session, workshop or short office retreat. Although it has quite a whimsical vibe, it is also very versatile, meaning you can set-up the space as a conference room, a boardroom or even an intimate dining space.

Don’t be fooled by the vintage furniture, this workshop space is all about present-day tech. It’s equipped with Wi-Fi, a sound system, a flip chart, and a projector. So, let your team curl up on the sofa and get creative.


10) Cristofori Concertzaal

Classic meeting space with herringbone flooring and white walls
Cristofori Concertzaal via Spacehuntr

Located inside a classical 20th-century building, this venue boasts all the traditional charm and elegance you’d expect from a space with high ceilings, arched windows and luxurious wood floors. Thanks to the interior renovations, the venue offers modern, chic comfort at every turn. Thanks to the open layout of this vast venue, it offers a flexibility that a lot of upscale places can’t afford.

This makes it perfect for almost any occasion. A photoshoot, a reception, a private dinner, or a conference are ideal here thanks to its 100-person capacity and versatile setup. Aside from including Wi-Fi, a projector, music equipment and a flipchart, it also comes with the use of a kitchenette, meaning refreshments will be easy to offer to your guests.


Can’t choose?

It’s hard to decide on a single workshop space in Amsterdam when they all look so amazing, especially when each one offers such unique benefits for your event. Be practical and think of what you want to achieve with your workshop, then determine which type of space you need.


Catalina Reaño
Catalina Reaño

Copywriter, stand-up comedian and serial chocolate lover.

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