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10 Unique Hackathon Spaces in Amsterdam

by Harry Prince,

22 February 2021

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industrial venue amsterdam


It’s known as a playground for rebellious tourists, but there’s so much more to Amsterdam than your friends holiday stories!

Amsterdam is ranked as the fourth-best global city for tech. So you can’t doubt its credentials for business, innovation, and event throwing.

We reckon this is your chance to throw the coolest hackathon in memory. A mould-breaker, so to speak.

In this article, you’ll discover the best hackathon spaces in Amsterdam. Buckle up!

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1) Spacious and Rustic Venue

industrial venue amsterdam
Amsterdam Hackathon Venues via Spacehuntr

Any hackathon hosted here will feel like an underground event people will rave about for years. It’s behind a wide stretch of railway tracks that really drive home the venue’s edgy feel.

This industrial hackathon venue is a mish-mash of steel, concrete and iron. You’ll have use of two bars and a balcony, so it’s more than just a grunge feel; this is a genuinely well thought out event space.

It’s a huge venue for companies that want to set a big invite list bigger challenges. There’s over 600m2 of space with a capacity of 800 people.


2) Industrial Glass Meeting Room

Industrial Glass Meeting Room
Industrial Glass Meeting Room via Spacehuntr

There’s something subtly American about this factory-like venue’s raised corner office. But it has been brought into the 21st century by replacing traditional corrugated iron walls with sheer glass.

It’s next to IJplein, in the city’s exciting and burgeoning Noord (North). So don’t miss the opportunity to collaborate with Amsterdam’s surrounding art scene.

The venue comes equipped with a flatscreen TV, flip-charts, whiteboards, post-its, and makers. The place provides catering services as well as coffee, tea and water.

It’s an intimate hackathon space in Amsterdam, with a max capacity of 20. So it is a dream for smaller hackathons or a grade-A coding workshop for your team.

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3) Large Bright and Flexible Event Space

Large Bright Event Space
Large Bright and Flexible Event Space via Spacehuntr

Are you looking for a fab venue for a sociable hackathon? Well, this large, bright and flexible event space is it.

This is a great spot for a hackathon in Amsterdam because you can set the space into two equal parts: one for some serious coding and another for a chat and a chill.

The beautiful rooftop terrace has lovely views of the Nieuwe Keizersgracht and is a great place to hang out. The unique windows jut out, giving participants gentle enclaves to relax in.

The venue also has two kitchens, so you’ve got all you need to cater the hell out of your hackathon.


4) Fresh Trendy Location Full of Colour 

Trendy Location Full of Colour Amsterdam
Fresh Trendy Location Full of Colour via Spacehuntr

Hosting a hackathon event by a beach-side venue may not sound like the typical scenario. But this juxtaposition of styles is an inspired and unique choice.

Your guests will love the bright colours and vintage feel of the place. The views of the IJmeer are to die for as well.

And don’t you worry about technical amenities; they’re right up to scratch, with commanding WiFi and sound equipment.

You can even request catering for your team and participants. Why not get in on one of the hottest trends in recent years? Try one of Amsterdam’s best vegan caterers.

The venue is 150m2 with a seated capacity of 100 and a standing capacity of 300. Not too few and not too many. It’s middling to perfection!


5) Bright and Modern Room

Bright and Modern Room
Bright and Modern Room via Spacehuntr

How can we describe this space better than a big kid’s classroom? It is the perfect hackathon venue for a small and quirky event. Or you could host a workshop for your team to bring their coding to the next level.

But as we said, it has all the charm of an old school, brick and mortar classroom. Except they’ve done away with any dustiness, cold, and military strictness.

This space is colourful, full of natural light, and fitted to modern standards. And it could be all yours for 17 seated participants.


6) Gorgeous Theatre Space

Gorgeous Theatre Space amsterdam
Gorgeous Theatre Space via Spacehuntr

If you’re looking to host a hackathon with a theatrical quality, how about this gorgeous theatre space? Participants will love the tall ceilings with original roofing that recall the city’s bustling and historical past.

Creative, colourful lighting fixtures will add to the drama of your hackathon in spades.

There are theatre dressing rooms that you can use as breakout rooms or nap rooms if it’s a longer hackathon.

The capacity differentiates depending on how you set the place up: it’s 500 for a standing event, 350 if you use it as a theatre, and 75 for a u-shape boardroom-style set-up.


7) Luminous and Expansive Venue

Luminous and Expansive Venue for hackaton
Luminous and Expansive Venue via Spacehuntr

Hendrik Petrus Berlage must have known he was onto something remarkable when he put pen to paper and designed this building.

Its cavernous main hall is a lesson in masonry and fine design. The gantries looking onto it only add to an overwhelming sensation of potential.

The steel frame and lighting tell you that they take corporate events very seriously. Atmosphere and detail matter here.

Handy for hackathons, this venue has 12 separate rooms for breakouts, workshops, and nap rooms.

So, in short, it’s a big space for a big hackathon. There’s a whopping capacity for 700 participants!


8) Versatile Space with Raw Architecture 

Versatile Space with Raw Architecture
Versatile Space with Raw Architecture via Spacehuntr

As the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And this versatile space with raw architecture reminds us of that well-worn phrase.

Huge sliding doors invoke a come one come all feeling. Its tall and lengthy space is a good place for a hackathon because it has a communal feeling without being distracting. So you all can focus on the hack at hand.

There is room for 180 seated participants or 250 standing.


9) Huge Space for Events 

Huge Space industrial space for hackaton
Huge Space for Events via Spacehuntr

This hackathon venue in Amsterdam is large and versatile, with high ceilings. There are whimsical pillars evenly spread throughout and nostalgic roof beams.

As we said, it’s versatile and ready to be set up in any way you see fit. And more than that, they have some brilliant audio and visual equipment to really put on a show for participants!

You’ve got over 650m2 to play with, making it pretty darn big by any standards. That means you can invite a massive 650 people for a standing event, or 500 in a theatre-style setup.


10) Green Bright Multipurpose Event Space 

Green Bright Multipurpose Event Space
Green Bright Multipurpose Event Space via Spacehuntr

If you’re looking for hackathon spaces in Amsterdam with a strong sense of character, this green, bright and multipurpose event space might be the one.

You’ll find it in the Jordaan, one of Amsterdam’s most treasured areas. It’s part of the city centre, but with an ever so slightly livable vibe to it.

This is a great place for a hackathon because it is soothing and a big hearty smile of a space for weary and tired souls. So if you’re planning an intense hacking sesh, this venue will keep you feeling fresh and funky!


Wrapping Up 

The thing is, they’re all great venues. But choosing the right hackathon venue in Amsterdam for you is important. Most hackathons last at least 12 hours, so where you choose to spend that time is no trivial decision.

So we hope we’ve dug out that gem for you here. And if you’d like to know more about hackathons, or events in Amsterdam, we’d love to hear from you!

For example, we’d love to show you some team building activities Amsterdam has to offer. Because everyone likes a unique day out under the guise of work!


Featured image: Amsterdam Hackathon Venues via Spacehuntr

Harry Prince
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