5 Creative Meeting Rooms in Amsterdam

by Catalina Reano,

26 October 2020

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5 Creative Meeting Rooms in Amsterdam

Planning a business meeting in Amsterdam and don’t know where to start? Don’t fret! We’ve found the perfect venues for your hassle-free and creative team meetings. Check out our favourites on this list.



Meeting loft for meet, eat and sleep. Parquet flooring and colorful, modern but relaxed interior

The designers at Zoku are artists when it comes to creating intelligent spaces, and this fully furnished loft is no exception. Perfectly designed for both small meetings and an overnight stay, the space is set-up with a 4-person table and chairs. 

Hiring the loft includes a standard office kit. If you need more, rent the Office Box, which includes a full-colour printer, paper, notebook, paperclips, post-its, pens, coloured markers and any other personalised item you need for your meeting. 

The space also has an LED TV, fast WiFi and a fully equipped kitchen. The neutral colours and soft lines of the décor make the loft feel spacious and open, letting your ideas flow freely throughout the room. Your meeting will be complete with an inspiring view of downtown Amsterdam.



Industrial warehouse with raw industrial walls, pastel pink and green accents

An intimate meeting space full of charm and character, Westergas is a refurbished gas factory converted into a cultural centre next to Westerpark. Surrounded by energising natural scenery, the restored machinery and striking industrial architecture make for quite a unique meeting room.

Repurposed for artists and creative entrepreneurs, the venue has become a mecca for young talent to interact and collaborate with pop-up initiatives that thrive on the exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas.  

Aside from the meeting room, which can seat up to 10 people and offers AV and sound systems, Westergas has many other spaces you can use as breakout rooms or other activities, giving your meetings versatility and a refreshing change of scenery.


Eye Filmmuseum

Luminous meeting space with parquet flooring and floor-to-ceiling windows

Known as the “cinematic memory of the Netherlands”, the national film museum is a futuristic building that stands out from Amsterdam’s quaint buildings.

Housing more than 40,000 samples of films from all genres, it has become internationally famous for its exceptional work in restoring and researching historical pieces. However, they also look forward by supporting new productions and promoting the debates and cultural conversations of the present and future.

Working hand in hand with the corporate world, their exclusive meeting spaces are available to hire for your team. The IJ-lounge is a versatile room that can transform into a dining room or a meeting space. Located on IJ harbour, it seats up to 70 people and has floor-to-ceiling windows. No matter your type of event, your guests will be blown away by the panoramic views of the harbour and the city beyond.


Room Mate Aitana

Modern meeting room with industrial accents and floor-to-ceiling windows

Located on an artificial island on the IJ River, this meeting room is inside a hotel constructed entirely out of industrial glass. Close to Centraal Station, Dam Square and other main tourist attractions and business centres, this trendy designer hotel is easily accessible for all your attendees

So, if you’re in Amsterdam on a bleisure trip, Room Mate Aitana is one of the best places to stay for a plush, yet cosy experience. The hotel offers incredible amenities, like a gym, as well as other workspaces and meeting spaces dotted around the hotel.

The meeting rooms are spacious, decorated in a minimalistic style with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a stunning view of the river. They also have soft lighting, sound and AV systems and steady WiFi (available throughout the hotel). Any meeting here will be full of inspiration, energy and elegance.



Chateau Amsterdam

Distillery room made available for meetings

Truly a unique destination, this family-run company is the Netherlands’ first urban winery. Priding itself on making upmarket wines out of Europe’s best-imported grapes, the company has become a pioneer in their craft within the country. Their vision is to make wine that unites people while caring for the planet. 

The event spaces available for meetings share this same spirit. With incredible trust, Chateau Amsterdam has opened up the innermost rooms of the distillery so you can host your corporate events within the factory itself.

In between the tanks and barrels, you can set up a boardroom meeting or a seminar. Seating up to 50 people, the versatility of the open floor space is just one of the great things about it. It also offers a projector, great AV and a sound system. 

Take advantage of the luxurious vibe, and work creatively as the wine ages patiently in the barrels around you.


Plan a flawless meeting in Amsterdam

Now you know where you can plan your next meeting in Amsterdam. So, get booking! Remember, take into account the size of your group and any specific requirements, so you choose a meeting room that fits you like a glove.

Amsterdam is a very cosmopolitan city that has developed its corporate offer to fit the needs of all modern businesses: technology, comfort, versatility and style are just a call away.

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