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Hybrid events

The best tools for engaging your virtual attendees during hybrid events

As the events industry searches for a solution to the Covid-19 crisis, hybrid events …

Sharing event in social media

The best social media platform to promote your event

With the Covid restrictions changing all the time, social media is assuming ever-greater importance …

Woman engaging in social media

Top tips for energising your event attendees

Even before COVID, entertainment and interaction were crucial talking points within our industry. Everyone …

People walking on St Paul's bridge in London, UK, which is now not anymore part of the European Union due to Brexit

How will Brexit affect international corporate events in the UK?

For Europe’s corporate events industry, COVID isn’t the only source of uncertainty right now. …

People discussing topics in an event set-up with guests in sofas and an audience

The future of event management: industry analysis for the post-COVID world

From the beautiful new city centres which have emerged from bombed-out rubble to the …

People attending a corporate physical event

How to create a physical event in the post-COVID world

As coronavirus cases finally start to come down, the world is slowly opening its …

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